[mpich-discuss] MPI_Comm_Spawn causing zombies of hydra_pmi_proxy

Silvan Brändli silvan.braendli at tuhh.de
Thu Mar 7 05:38:06 CST 2013

Dear all,

again I have a question related to spawning processes. I understand the 
situation as follows:

My program A spawns program B. Program B spawns program C1, C2 ... 
C10000 ...
Program Cx terminates correctly before Cx+1 is called, however returning 
1 to mpiexec. To handle this I use the workaround as described in 

Now it looks like with every Spawn a "hydra_pmi_proxy" is started, the 
calling program is mpiexec. When the program Cx is finished this 
"hydra_pmi_proxy" remains as a zombie until the programs A, B and 
mpiexec are finished. When approx. 32k of those "hydra_pmi_proxy" exist 
I get some problems (too many processes or something similar).

What can I do to finish "hydra_pmi_proxy" while my programs A, B and 
mpiexec are still running?

I'm glad about every hint.

Best regards

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