[mpich-announce] Announcing the availability of mpich-3.1rc4

Kenneth Raffenetti raffenet at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Feb 17 14:12:13 CST 2014

The MPICH team is pleased to announce the availability of a new preview
release (mpich-3.1rc4). This is a release candidate of the upcoming 
MPICH 3.1, and adds several capabilities including a fully integrated 
source for vanilla MPICH and the IBM PE/BG device, several improvements 
for the Intel Xeon Phi architecture, improved support for fault 
tolerance, improvements to MPI RMA for shared memory communication, MPI 
large count 64-bit safety, and MPI Tools interface improvements. This 
release also fixes several bugs present in 3.0.4.


A list of changes in this release is included at the end of this email.


The MPICH Team

                              Changes in 3.1rc4

  # Implement runtime compatibility with MPICH-derived implementations 
as per
    the ABI Compatibility Initiative (see www.mpich.org/abi for more

  # Integrated MPICH-PAMI code base for Blue Gene/Q and other IBM

  # Several improvements to the SCIF netmod.  (code contribution from

  # Major revamp of the MPI_T interface added in MPI-3.

  # Added environment variables to control a lot more capabilities for
    collectives.  See the README.envvar file for more information.

  # Allow non-blocking collectives and fault tolerance at the same
    time. The option MPIR_PARAM_ENABLE_COLL_FT_RET has been deprecated as
    it is no longer necessary.

  # Improvements to MPI_WIN_ALLOCATE to internally allocate shared
    memory between processes on the same node.

  # Performance improvements for MPI RMA operations on shared memory

  # Enable shared library builds by default.

  # Upgraded hwloc to 1.8.

  # Several improvements to the Hydra-SLURM integration.

  # MPICH now supports operations on very large datatypes (those that 
    more than 32 bits of data).  This work also allows MPICH to fully 
    MPI-3's introduction of MPI_Count.

  # Several other minor bug fixes, memory leak fixes, and code cleanup.

    A full list of changes is available at the following link:


    A full list of bugs that have been fixed is available at the
    following link:


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