[mpich-announce] Announcing the availability of MPICH 4.0b1

Raffenetti, Ken raffenet at anl.gov
Mon Nov 15 12:58:07 CST 2021

A new beta release of MPICH, 4.0b1, is now available for download. This is the first beta release in the 4.0 series. This release is feature complete and includes support for all new MPI-4.0 APIs.

You can find the release on our downloads page (https://www.mpich.org/downloads/).

The MPICH team

                               Changes in 4.0

# All MPI-4 APIs have been implemented. Major MPI-4 features include MPI
  sessions, partitioned point-to-point communications, events in the MPI tool
  information interface, large-count functions, persistent collectives,
  MPI_Comm_idup_with_info, MPI_Isendrecv and MPI_Isendrecv_replace,
  MPI_Info_get_string, MPI_Comm_split_type with new split_type --

# Add QMPI (experimental) support.

# Add MPIX_Delete_error_{class,code,string}.

# MPI_Info objects can be accessed before MPI_Init{_thread}.

# Generate C API interface functions including man page notes and error
  checking using Python scripts.

# Generate Fortran mpi_f08 binding using Python scripts.

# Support explicit --without-cuda configure option.

# Drop support for UCX version < 1.7.0.

# Configure now optionally require Python 3 (when F08 is enabled).

# Multi-NIC support in ch4:ofi.

   A full list of changes is available at the following link:


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