[mpich-announce] Announcing the availability of MPICH 4.0.1

Raffenetti, Ken raffenet at anl.gov
Wed Feb 23 12:36:23 CST 2022

A new stable release of MPICH, 4.0.1, is now available for download. This is the first bug-fix release in the 4.0.x series. This release contains fixes for Hydra, NVIDIA compiler support, macOS support, Fortran, MPI Sessions, documentation, and other user-reported bugs and build issues.

You can find the release on our downloads page (https://www.mpich.org/downloads/). Production environments are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

The MPICH team

                               Changes in 4.0.1

# Multiple fixes for NVIDIA/PGI HPC Compilers support

# Fix ch4:ofi:gni provider capability set

# Fix MPI_SESSION_INIT "thread_level" info hint

# Fix build on macOS with --disable-shared

# Fix QMPI function definitions

# Fix support for "host" info hint in MPI_COMM_SPAWN[_MULTIPLE]

# Fix manpage generation

# Add missing MPI_F_sync_reg function

# Add missing const to MPI_Psend_init buffer argument

# Make Python 3 optional in configure script

# Remove -Wl,flat_namespace from compile wrappers by default (macOS only)

# Update UCX module to v1.12.0

# Update yaksa module to support latest Ampere compute capability

A full list of changes is available at the following link:


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