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commit b72af961854c09d15304199627866a659813463d
Author: Pavan Balaji <balaji at mcs.anl.gov>
Date:   Sun Aug 18 14:30:43 2013 -0500

    Remove stale information from README.vin
    We were listing some of the configure options in the README.
    Unfortunately, these are not consistent with the configure file since
    they are not autogenerated.  Fixes #1921.
    Signed-off-by: Antonio J. Pena <apenya at mcs.anl.gov>

diff --git a/README.vin b/README.vin
index 8206629..2ef3aaf 100644
--- a/README.vin
+++ b/README.vin
@@ -569,133 +569,6 @@ configuration options can be found using:
    ./configure --help
-However, for your convenience, we list a few important options here:
-Performance Options:
- --enable-fast - Turns off error checking and collection of internal
-                 timing information
- --enable-timing=no - Turns off just the collection of internal timing
-                      information
- --enable-ndebug - Turns on NDEBUG, which disables asserts. This is a
-                   subset of the optimizations provided by
-                   enable-fast, but is useful in environments where
-                   the user wishes to retain the debug symbols, e.g.,
-                   this can be combined with the --enable-g option.
-MPI Features:
-  --enable-romio - Build the ROMIO implementation of MPI-IO (enabled
-                   by default).
-  --with-file-system - When used with --enable-romio, specifies
-                       filesystems ROMIO should support. They can be
-                       specified by passing them in a '+'-delimited
-                       list: (e.g.,
-                       --with-file-system="pvfs+nfs+ufs").
-                       If you have installed version 2 of the PVFS
-                       file system, you can use the
-                       '--with-pvfs2=<prefix>' configure option to
-                       specify where libraries, headers, and utilities
-                       have been installed. If you have added the pvfs
-                       utilities to your PATH, then ROMIO will detect
-                       this and build support for PVFS automatically.
-  --enable-threads - Build MPICH with support for multi-threaded
-                     applications. Only the sock and nemesis channels
-                     support MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE.
-  --with-thread-package - When used with --enable-threads, this option
-                          specifies the thread package to use.  This
-                          option defaults to "posix".  At the moment,
-                          only POSIX threads are supported on UNIX
-                          platforms.  We plan to support Solaris
-                          threads in the future.
-Language bindings:
-  --enable-f77 - Build the Fortran 77 bindings (enabled by default).
-  --enable-fc - Build the Fortran 90 bindings (enabled by default).
-  --enable-cxx - Build the C++ bindings (enabled by default).
-Shared library support:
-  --enable-shared - Enable shared library support.  Note that "rpath"
-                    linking is used by default in stock MPICH
-                    distributions.  Re-running ./autogen.sh with a
-                    patched libtool can eliminate rpath usage.  See
-                    http://wiki.debian.org/RpathIssue for more info.
-Cross compilation:
-  --with-cross=filename - Provide values for the tests that required
-                          running a program, such as the tests that
-                          configure uses to determine the sizes of the
-                          basic types.  This should be a fine in
-                          Bourne shell format containing variable
-                          assignment of the form
-                          CROSS_SIZEOF_INT=2
-                          for all of the CROSS_xxx variables.
-Error checking and reporting:
-  --enable-error-checking=level - Control the amount of error
-                                  checking. Currently, only "no" and
-                                  "all" is supported; all is the
-                                  default.
-  --enable-error-messages=level - Control the aount of detail in error
-                                  messages. By default, MPICH
-                                  provides instance-specific error
-                                  messages; but, with this option,
-                                  MPICH can be configured to provide
-                                  less detailed messages.  This may be
-                                  desirable on small systems, such as
-                                  clusters built from game consoles or
-                                  high-density massively parallel
-                                  systems.  This is still under active
-                                  development.
-Compilation options for development:
-  --enable-g=value - Controls the amount of debugging information
-                     collected by the code.  The most useful choice
-                     here is dbg, which compiles with -g.
-  --enable-coverage - An experimental option that enables GNU coverage
-                      analysis.
-  --with-logging=name - Select a logging library for recording the
-                        timings of the internal routines.  We have
-                        used this to understand the performance of the
-                        internals of MPICH.  More information on the
-                        logging options, capabilities and usage can be
-                        found in doc/logging/logging.pdf.
-  --enable-timer-type=name - Select the timer to use for MPI_Wtime and
-                             internal timestamps.  name may be one of:
-                     gethrtime        - Solaris timer (Solaris systems
-                                        only) 
-                     clock_gettime    - Posix timer (where available)
-                     gettimeofday     - Most Unix systems
-                     linux86_cycle    - Linux x86; returns cycle
-                                        counts, not time in seconds*
-                     linuxalpha_cycle - Like linux86_cycle, but for
-                                        Linux Alpha* 
-                     gcc_ia64_cycle   - IPF ar.itc timer*
-                     device           - The timer is provided by the device
-                 *Note that the cycle timers are intended to be used by
-                  MPICH developers for internal low-level timing.
-                  Normal users should not use these as they are not
-                  guaranteed to be accurate in certain situations.
 7. Testing the MPICH installation


commit 50f12994c59aaaf1876533db41868d4e0f2e0c53
Author: Pavan Balaji <balaji at mcs.anl.gov>
Date:   Sun Aug 18 14:44:15 2013 -0500

    White-space change for consistency.

diff --git a/README.vin b/README.vin
index a349c7f..8206629 100644
--- a/README.vin
+++ b/README.vin
@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ information on bug fixes and new releases.
 6.  Alternate Configure Options
 7.  Testing the MPICH installation
 8.  Fault Tolerance
-9. Developer Builds
+9.  Developer Builds
 10. Multiple Fortran compiler support


Summary of changes:
 README.vin |  129 +-----------------------------------------------------------
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 128 deletions(-)

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