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Thu Mar 28 16:24:00 CDT 2013

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The annotated tag, v3.0.3 has been created
        at  b6ef7ec081ed86814fed393fee1f03bae8fadce8 (tag)
   tagging  21750800ed2475c43e291dd78c0a285ea97babec (commit)
  replaces  v3.0.2
 tagged by  Dave Goodell
        on  Thu Mar 28 15:59:10 2013 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging 'v3.0.3'

Antonio J. Pena (1):
      Fixed MPI_Get_elements returning wrong values

Dave Goodell (23):
      clmake: support more patterns
      tt#1754: fix warnings in ROMIO external32 code
      explain external32 limitations in RELEASE_NOTES
      clmake: more patterns and a regex fix
      fix Fortran MPI_WEIGHTS_EMPTY initialization
      hydra: squash loop warning from modern clang
      ROMIO: fix buffer/datatype mismatch in Isend/Irecv
      clmake: use `\W` instead of `\b`
      clmake: filter "install-sh" too
      .gitignore: fixup for [006dd97e]
      move `_NULL` handle definitions earlier in mpi.h
      fix compile error when `long double` is disabled
      configure: add `--disable-long-double`
      `long double _Complex` depends on `long double`
      clang annotations: fix `long double _Complex'
      mpi.h: guard `long double`-derived MPI types
      Merge branch 'fix-long-double'
      tests: gate `long double _Complex`
      fix `long double _Complex` logic from [a9305613]
      fix `complex<long double>` bug from [3f1fcead]
      `--enable-g=all` now means _all_, add `=most`
      update CHANGES for v3.0.3 release
      bump version numbers for v3.0.3 release

James Dinan (48):
      Fix type incompat. for size_t in BSend degug msgs
      BUGFIX: Unlock piggybacking for Get_accumulate
      Eliminate enqueueing of lock op in RMA ops list
      PERF: Flush should ignore inactive targets
      PERF: Overlap req/wait for lock-all on shr men win
      Fix incorrect timing reporting in llist bench
      Minor cleanups to MCS mutex test
      Added missing thread safety to Comm_compare
      Fixed several warnings in lockcontention3 test
      Cleaned up test compiler warnings
      Temporarily reverted is_gacc_op bugfix
      Consolidated RMA op finalization code
      Converted packet type field to 16-bits
      Added flags field to RMA op packet headers
      Integrated flags into RMA op processing
      Added flags to MPID_Request
      RMA sync. piggybacking from origin->target
      Simplify get completion
      Cleanup of FOP packet header
      Removed unused single_op_opt field from MPID_Request
      Flush piggybacking
      Implemented lock op piggybacking for MODE_NOCHECK
      Add a MODE_NOCHECK version of the llist bench test
      Cleaned up error names for CH3 RMA implementation
      Finished adding memory fences for shr mem win
      Remove unnecessary flush for empty epochs
      Added missing CPPFLAGS in rma tests makefile
      Merge branch 'packet-header-flags'
      Added missing descriptions for new RMA err classes
      Added missing function boilerplate decls
      Moved comm_split_type override from CH3 to Nemesis
      CH3 default shared memory window implementation
      Moved window flavor error checking to public API
      Merge branch 'shr-mem-win-ch3'
      Added missing CS ENTER/EXIT guards to type_commit
      Updated changes file with RMA changes for 3.0.3
      Updated req-based ops to handle PROC_NULL
      Cleaned up handling of PROC_NULL in RMA ops
      Added new operations to RMA PROC_NULL test
      Fix handling of 0-byte xfers in req-gen ops
      Test handling of 0-byte RMA xfers
      Cleanup comment in rmazero test
      Fix req. op. completion outside of PT epoch
      Add additional wait/test cases to Req. ops. test
      Fix Irecv race in wait/test_all/any/some err tests
      Replace calls to sleep with MTestSleep in tests
      Fix coll6 test hanging with more than 10 processes
      Updated CHANGES file

Pavan Balaji (6):
      Bug-fix: Allow configure to check for cobalt as well.
      Added support for Cobalt to the CHANGES file.
      Upgrade to hwloc-1.6.1rc2.  This version uses libpciaccess instead of
      Merge hydra-specific hwloc patches from
      Updated the CHANGES file with the hwloc-1.6.2rc1 information.
      Bug-fix: correct MPIR_proctable setup when we use wraparound ranks.

Ralf Gunter (1):
      README: fix pamid configuration example

Rob Latham (1):
      feature-encode NTFS quirk

William Gropp (5):
      Added support for passing the length of a Fortran CHARACTER as size_t instead of int.  Added a configure option to set; note that despite documentation to the contrary, it looks like some compilers still pass the length as an int (the common practice for decades), so changing to size_t must be made with extreme caution
      Added needed tests based on coverage analysis
      Added tests for user-defined error handlers in Fortran
      Files that were modified to supprt the tests of user-defined error handlers from Fortran
      More files for user error handler tests


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