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Tue Nov 5 23:14:37 CST 2013

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The annotated tag, v3.1rc1 has been created
        at  9cc2099cc86beaa2a1c47a29658172f76394db62 (tag)
   tagging  6a9def627a35fe6c7d1a08dffd39a6387dbffe83 (commit)
  replaces  v3.1b1
 tagged by  Antonio J. Pena
        on  Tue Nov 5 22:52:42 2013 -0600

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging 'v3.1rc1'

Antonio J. Pena (4):
      Increased tmp string buffer len from 1K to 16K
      Updated release information for 3.1rc1
      Partially revert 9088ea81
      Removed ABI mention from CHANGES

Dave Goodell (1):
      large count work: use MPI_Aint for dtype size and collectives

Huiwei Lu (3):
      Fixes #1851 - sizeof() usage inconsistencies in sock.c
      Adding a test case for MPI_Comm_idup
      Add comm_idup_mul to .gitignore

Jan Bierbaum (1):
      fix check for duplicate KVS entries

Jeff Hammond (3):
      update discuss email address
      return result of strlen to proper type
      remove cast-to-integer associated with count field

Junchao Zhang (32):
      Make mpi_t_str always fail when MPI_T is not done
      Add MPI_T return codes. Fix #1905
      Return MPI_ERR_INTERN for not-impl MPI_T functions
      Add the missing constant MPI_T_SCOPE_CONSTANT
      Add a test mpit_vars.c to print all MPI_T stuffs
      Primary implementation of MPI_T specified in MPI3
      Replace mpi_t_util.c with mpit.c
      In MPI init/finalize, use updated MPI_T routines
      Delete the old interfaces on pvars
      Change var names in enable_pvar_* style
      Change wording for option --enable-mpit-pvars
      Adapt old nemesis pvars to new MPI_T impl
      Adapt old ch3 pvars to new MPI_T impl
      Capitalize parameter category names
      Add missing info of parameters (cvars)
      Revise genparams to gen files needed by new MPI_T
      Rename mpich_param_vals.h, param_vals.c
      Rename cat_get_pv.c to cat_get_pvars.c
      Rename mpit_init_thread.c to mpit_initthread.c
      Revise the test case mpit_vars.c
      Revise two tests under test/mpi/manual/mpi_t/
      Delete xfail=ticket1898 of mpi_t_str
      Add a test case to test multithreading MPI_T
      Rename parameters MPIR_PARAM_* to MPIR_CVAR_*
      Rename mpich_params.{c,h} to mpich_cvars.{c,h}
      Fix a problem in passing thread id to a function
      Swap the priority between MPICH_* and MPIR_PARAM_*
      Use the new MPI_T cvar name prefix MPIR_CVAR_
      Include mpitimpl.h in mpich_cvars.h
      Use the standard #ifndef/#include in mpitimpl.h
      Set almost all cvar scope as MPI_T_SCOPE_ALL_EQ
      Correct the cvars names and delete unnessary init

Ken Raffenetti (10):
      Fault Tolerance test fixes.
      Remove Linux-isms in test code.
      Test for PTHREAD_PROCESS_SHARED attribute
      Change to PMI proxy on unknown key lookup
      Update fault tolerance test params
      turn off TAP xfail info for passing tests
      Add resultTest routine to test suite.
      Fixup and add pt2pt fault tolerance tests
      Fault tolerance tests for some collectives
      Disable xfail test from running by default

Lisandro Dalcin (1):
      Fix for uncommitted datatypes

Michael Blocksome (1):
      Fix pamid bgq configure for v1r2m1 installs

Pavan Balaji (50):
      Trigger the RMA error more frequently.
      Update version and CHANGES for 3.1b2
      Fix range format in README.envvar
      Explain default port range for CH3_PORT_RANGE.
      Revert "Fix range format in README.envvar"
      Added a link to the bugs fixed.
      Check whether todo tickets are valid.
      Mark transp-datatype as xfail.
      White-space change for consistency.
      Remove stale information from README.vin
      Upgrade to hwloc-1.7.2.
      Hydra-specific patches for hwloc.
      Update README with hwloc version.
      Cleanup multiple aspects of the is_local lookup.
      Improve the win_shared test to check for more errors.
      Updated changes with RMA improvements.
      Improve test to not rely on the default alloc_shm.
      Win_flush_all optimization.
      Do a memory barrier at the end of a flushall.
      Simplify checks for shared memory windows.
      Move predefined datatype check to the MPI layer.
      Optimize localcopy for predefined datatypes.
      Optimization to the shared memory copy code.
      Check for BUILTIN kinds, not just predefined datatypes.
      clang compilation fixes.
      Warning squash.
      Change the MPI_MAX_ERROR_STRING back to 512.
      Renumber MPI_COMBINER constants to maintain ABI.
      Fortran ABI changes from Intel.
      Update libmpich ABI string for the 3.1b2 release.
      Bug fix for the mpit_vars test.
      Added information about MPI_T to the documentation.
      Update version string.
      Correct output format in the new impls/ test.
      Revert "Fix for #1804 - Alignment issues in Fortran with MPI_Status"
      MPI_Status updates for ABI.
      Fortran updates for MPI_Status.
      Remove bogus checks for MPIF_STATUS size.
      Bug fix for MPI_WEIGHTS_EMPTY.
      Fix to buildiface when Fint != int.
      Added MPICH ABI information to CHANGES.
      Updated git link.
      Added a nonblocking MPI_Test test.
      Mark nbtest as xfail.
      Move the errors/f77/errhan directory to an iodir.
      Mark comm_idup_mul as xfail.
      Remove xfails for ticket 1893.
      Fix perl warnings in the C++ buildiface.
      Fix bit manipulation in the MPI_Status object.
      Fix assertion for large counts.

Rob Latham (38):
      use AS_VAR_ARITH
      add error checking to aio test
      fall back to blocking version if aio not implemented
      Improve aggregation selection on Blue Gene
      Datatype test describing large amounts of data
      add make rule for large_type and typo in testlist
      Improvements to large_type test
      Maintain requested perms in more cases
      remove unused, undeclared variable
      reduce duplcated code in hint processing
      clean up tests with enable-strict
      improved error handling for test/file_info
      unused variable warning
      update adio drivers to use common hint processing funcs
      improve comments, formatting on some tricky code
      compile error
      removed unused variable
      clang finds an incorrect header guard
      teach type-dumping code about subarray
      another big type test
      Configure check for (need for) header padding
      ROMIO: improve handling of large datatypes
      Increase size of internal datatype values
      More ROMIO updates for large count
      resized wasn't setting max_contig_count
      implement MPIU_Assign_trunc without _Generic
      datatype_size no longer needs to be an integer
      make shared file pointer code "large datatype" safe
      A round of 64-to-32 warning squashes
      Small parens-related warning with clang
      casting to make formatting happy
      remove MPIR_Type_get_contig_blocks
      defective MPI_Pack/Unpack/Pack_size interface
      type promotion for MPIR_Bsend structure
      fix MPI_T test failure due to uninit variables
      testcase for status object manipulations
      Align nemesis payload: union approach
      blurb about large count/type changes

Wesley Bland (7):
      Fixes #1923 - Incorrect error message.
      Remove Windows section from User Guide.
      Remove Windows section from Install Guide.
      Add note about MPI_Init accepting NULL.
      Add documentation for errhandler callback
      Reword the mpiexec usage guide.
      Fix bad quote character in the last commit.

William Gropp (18):
      Minor fix for typo in documentation comment
      Fix two errors in basic MPI_T test
      Removed duplicate Make target and make clean commands consistent
      Add FIXME for reduction operation macro
      Removed irrelevant comment
      Add comment on end of PMPI ifdef to improve readability
      Fail instead of continuing with broken environment
      Removed trailing blank
      Check for other Testmpio locations
      Add way to test implementation specific features
      Allow MPI_ERR_IO as error class in test
      Change buildiface for C++ to control output order
      Add option to remove distgraph support in C++
      Detect unknown feature request
      Remove support for MPI::Distgraphcomm
      Eliminate test for C++ Distgraphcomm routines
      Force ordering of functions in C++ binding

Xin Zhao (18):
      fix bug on "list_complete" variable
      set disp_unit in win_shared_query.
      fix bug: add a memory barrier in win_fence.
      fix bug: delete memory barriers in win_post/start.
      fix bug: delete memory barriers in win_lock/lock_all.
      change the condition of memory barrier.
      Delete judgements of datatypes of RMA operations.
      Delete MPIDI_CH3I_DO_SHM_OP macro.
      perform SHM operations immediately.
      eagerly acquire lock in win_lock/lock_all for SHM operations.
      Allocate shared memory by default for WIN_ALLOCATE
      Update FLAVOR checks with shared memory checks.
      Change FLAVOR to shared memory checks in win_flush.
      delete exit after do memory barrier.
      fix bug:pass info to win_allocate and free info.
      make MMAP SHM handle as MPI_Aint type.
      Add a test for allocating 1GB SHM window memory per process.
      Multi-threaded RMA test.


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