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The annotated tag, v3.1.2 has been created
        at  a4921c1e5f2cd644c9e688902eab8d5d95bca4e6 (tag)
   tagging  88e23c46ccedf7643f3aa56c5cb1542eee0efc17 (commit)
  replaces  v3.1.1
 tagged by  Junchao Zhang
        on  Mon Jul 21 14:00:53 2014 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging 'v3.1.2'

Antonio J. Pena (9):
      Added support for thread-safe errno in Solaris
      Switched -D_REENTRANT from CFLAGS to CPPFLAGS
      Fixed unused variable compiler warnings in ROMIO
      Change patch's --forward flag for short equivalent
      Revert "Remove MPICXX_NAME and MPICPP_NAME."
      Fix support for --program-prefix/-suffix options
      Fix weak alias support detection
      Fix usage of weak,alias attributes
      Remove MPICH_ATTR_WEAK_ALIAS macro

Huiwei Lu (2):
      Clean up MPI_Comm_idup code for '--enable-threads=single' case.
      Improve checking for C compiler options on Solaris

Junchao Zhang (19):
      Ported more F90 tests to F08
      Fix bugs in comm_spawn & comm_spawn_multiple
      Fix an MPI_Cancel bug in F08
      Code cleanup
      Fix a bug when converting a Fortran string to a C string
      Fix bugs in MPI_Info_get and MPI_Info_get_valuelen
      Move F08 hello test and ring test to dir misc
      Added a makefile for f08 tests
      Revised the handle conversion functions in Fortran.
      Set MPIR_CVAR_MAX_STRLEN to a smaller value
      Added assertion to protect cvars of type MPI_CHAR
      Allocate mem. for a cvar when its type is MPI_CHAR
      Increase buffer size to cover longer cvar strings
      Added the missing const to the buf arg in MPI_T_pvar/cvar_write
      Added a test for MPI_T cvar read and write
      Added the missing const in cvar/pvar write
      Update RELEASE_NOTES to include PathScale problems
      Update CHANGES for 3.1.2 release
      Upgraded revison number and release number

Ken Raffenetti (11):
      remove preprocessor guards from nbc tests
      fix assert in win_shared_noncontig tests
      fixup for [f8c8d5aa]
      increase feature level for pread/pwrite
      add flag to enable C99 mode with Solaris compilers
      allow timeout of zero in bscu_wait_for_completion
      remove undeclared cvar check in portals4 netmod
      add README section for portals4 netmod
      portals4: set VC to active when id initialized
      Solaris build fix for non-strict compile
      fixup issendselfcancel test

Lisandro Dalcin (1):
      Better implementation of MPI_Allreduce for intercommunicator.

Masamichi Takagi (3):
      Add on-demand connection management for IB
      Free, munmap, destroy on terminating VC
      Add IB device name of mlx5_<n>

Michael Blocksome (3):
      pamid: create memregions at an offset of the shared memory allocation
      pamid: set base addr to NULL if size is zero in win_allocate_shared
      pamid: remove blocking shmem mutex; remove shmem CAS/FOP optimizations

Mohamad Chaarawi (1):
      ROMIO: big-datatypes: Update overly conservative assertion

Norio Yamaguchi (10):
      Add IB device name of qib<n>
      Change of the memory area used in put_scratch_pad
      Initialize the ringbuf memory for re-use
      Replace malloc-free functions when using netmod-IB
      Fix header size when transmitting by SendNoncontig
      No need to malloc scratch-pad when nranks is 1
      Improve on-demand connection management for IB
      Fix the management of RDMA-write ringbuffer
      white space fixup
      Fix build warnings about comparison of pointer

Paul Coffman (11):
      Teach GPFS about PE platform
      remove BGL_OPTIM_STEP flags from PE Makefile.mk
      Teach GPFS-PE about MP_IOAGENT_CNT
      added code to check if fd->comm is intercomm then abort
      bg and pe to gpfs hints consolidation
      migrate ranklist from agents aggregators
      clean up resources if P2PContig selected
      small memory leak on Blue Gene
      resource cleanup in p2pcontig case
      BALANCECONTIG cleanups/fixes
      memory leak in PE aggregator creation

Pavan Balaji (17):
      Ticket #1935 has been closed.
      MPI_Status_c2f should also go into libmpi.
      Upgraded to hwloc-1.9
      Hydra-specific patches for hwloc.
      Removed unnecessary unused attributes.
      Only create shared memory when more than one process exists.
      Add barrier-like semantics in PSCW for shared-memory operations.
      Add a memory barrier at the end of the Win_complete function.
      Fix badness in fence_shm.
      Fix bug in PMI keyval caching logic.
      Increase the number of possible PMI arguments.
      Use global variable for MPI_PUT operations.
      Avoid duplicate win_group_ranks creation
      Mark get-struct as an xfail.
      Simplified RMA_Op structure.
      Revert "Simplified RMA_Op structure."
      Add Sangmin to user/install guides.

Rob Latham (19):
      Lustre used constants w/o header file
      deal better with large user-defined types
      additional test case for large datatype i/o
      constify string handling
      test for RMA with "struct of struct"
      ROMIO: some platforms unhappy when passed 2 GiB counts
      Revert "Address many of the perf problems in #1788"
      do not redefine MIN if provided elsewhere
      munmap and shm_unlink prototyped in mman.h
      use apropriate enum
      Fix up header files in ad_gpfs_open.c
      add a descriptive string to function table
      set an MPI Info key with the type of file system
      ROMIO: report which ranks are aggregators
      use 'long' for blocksize
      ROMIO debugging: environment var to select fs type
      fix unsigned arithmetic yielding unsigned
      optionally display ROMIO hints
      warning fixes with --enable-strict

Sameh Sharkawi (1):
      pamid: Fix for pami_tune parameter parsing

Sangmin Seo (4):
      Replaced -Wno-type-limits with -Wtype-limits.
      Removed a unnecessary MPIU_Assert.
      Add warning about memory tracing overhead.
      Add environment variables to control memory tracing overhead.

Su Huang (4):
      pamid: fix MPI_Abort hang with dynamic tasking
      MPI_Iallgather has no validity check for sendcount
      pamid: Data integrity error hit in MPI_Win_allocate_shared windows(LE)
      Non-blocking collectives have no validity check for count

Wesley Bland (8):
      Improve error checking for buffer aliasing
      Add tests for new buffer aliasing checks
      Fix coll6 test to use MPI_IN_PLACE when necessary
      Add a CVAR to turn off collective alias checking
      Fix redscat MPI_IN_PLACE checking
      Fix collective alias checks to look for zero-sized buffers
      Fix refcounting for isends
      Add a test for the bug in #2129

Xin Zhao (11):
      fix bug: delete incorrect lines in fetch_and_op.c
      Rename static functions in RMA code
      Rename RMA request gc and complete function
      Separate progress engine code from garbage collection
      Simplify RMA requests completion function
      Add CVAR (# of completed reqs) to control when to stop in RMA GC function
      Add CVAR (# of tested reqs) to control when to stop in RMA GC function
      Fix bug: add barrier semantic in FENCE for SHM ops.
      Add a test code to test FENCE on SHM.
      Notes on when to do mem barriers in RMA.
      Add/delete memory barriers in RMA.


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