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The annotated tag, v3.2a2 has been created
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   tagging  e9a2470032936b4c083506ae5d25f798a8cd56db (commit)
  replaces  v3.1.3
 tagged by  Pavan Balaji
        on  Sun Nov 16 11:24:47 2014 -0600

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging v3.2a2

Antonio J. Pena (1):
      Fix Portals4 RMA

Antonio Pena Monferrer (8):
      portals4: consider MPI_STATUS_IGNORE in Probe
      Added support for large-count datatype tests
      Added large message cases to getfence1/putfence1
      Added internal control portal for the get portal
      Code cleanup to fix compiler warnings in rportals
      Remove unnecessary soft ACKs from portals RMA code
      Use SEND instead of ACK events in Portals4
      Fix strict-aliasing rules break in Portals netmod

Devendar Bureddy (2):
      Fix for threaded_sr
      Fix hcoll setup issues

Huiwei Lu (11):
      Mark two MPI_Comm_idup related tests as xfail
      Simplify revoke_nofail test
      Fixes one missing case in MPIDI_CH3U_Clean_recvq
      Fixes configure.ac when no fortran is found
      Improves RTS queue to be dynamic and VC specific
      Adds a CVAR to enable/disable fault tolerance
      Fixes env in runtest
      Adds checking VC state in MPID_Send
      Adds checking VC state in MPID_Recv
      Enable all ft tests
      Cleans the debugging print of bcast

Igor Ivanov (5):
      netmode/mxm: Add mprobe/imrecv support
      mpi/coll: Fix incorrect parameter check
      mpid: Fix REQUEST memory leak for Irsend
      netmod/mxm: Avoid calling mxm send req handling from mxm send completion callback
      netmod/mxm: Avoid calling mxm send req handling from mxm send completion callback

Joe Ratterman (1):
      When decrementing a ref-count to 0, do not bother with atomics.

Junchao Zhang (20):
      Add the missing value attribute to intent(in) arguments
      Revise F08 MPI_Wtime/Wtick to make buildiface simpler
      Make F08 buildiface also support MPIX_ subroutines
      Code clean up for enum MPIR_MPI_State_t
      Make MPI_Initialized and friends thread-safe
      Uncomment some code in F08 since the cce bug is fixed
      Add MPI_Aint arithmetic MPI_Aint_add/diff
      Add F77/90 bindings for MPI_Aint_add/diff
      Add F08 bindings for MPI_Aint_add/diff
      Add C/Fortran tests for MPI_Aint_add/diff
      Remove unused AM_CONDITIONAL vars in testsuite configure.ac
      Add support for skipping individual MPIX tests
      Fix: be able to skip MPIX tests for Aint_add/diff
      Fix: Explicitly add the OPA header file to mpiimpl.h
      Add support for MPIX_ subroutines in cdesc buildiface
      Fix: skip #ifdef/#endif lines in input headers
      Add F08 bindings for nonblocking collective I/O
      Add Fortran tests for nonblocking collective I/O
      Support spaces after @whatever@ in testlist

Ken Raffenetti (26):
      portals4: PTL_EVENT_PUT is only valid at the target
      portals4: remove pointer update from unmatched improbe
      portals4: large threshold comparison
      disable interlibrary dependencies on BGQ
      portals4: increase unexpected message limits
      portals4: fix get buffer location for packed sends
      portals4: reduce unexpected buffer space
      portals4: set reasonable interface limits
      tsuite: disable threads/rma tests when RMA disabled
      portals4: create EQ using limit from NI init
      portals4: create separate EQ for origin events
      portals4: support for large contiguous messages
      portals4: add support for large non-contig
      portals4: use helper function for big sends
      add test for large non-contiguous datatype
      portals4: handle out-of-order reply events
      portals4: prevent early request free
      portals4: set max origin events in rptl_init
      portals4: temporarily buf counts in ptl_nm.c
      portals4: fixup for noncontig recvs
      portals4: implement cancel send
      portals4: use a separate EQ per PT
      portals4: better dtype mismatch detection
      update .gitignore in testsuite
      portals4: change variable name put_acked -> put_done
      fix typo in function argument

Min Si (17):
      Bug-fix: trigger final req handler for receiving derived datatype.
      Bug-fix: use normal PUT/ACC + FLUSH in req ops test.
      Implement true request-based RMA operations.
      Bug-fix: trigger OnFinal at end when receiving multiple segments.
      Add req RMA op tests checking local completion.
      Separate and rewrite mtest datatype.
      Use general free func for all datatype.
      Move datatype reset to mtest_datatype.c
      Add new datatypes in mtest_datatype.
      Use unified loop of mtest datatype in mpi tests.
      Change count of mtest datatype in bcast3 mpi test.
      Add min version of mtest datatype generator.
      Increase timelimit to 10mins for bcast2 and bcast3.
      Revert RMA ADI change for req-based RMA operations.
      Increase time limit of bcast2 and bcast3 to 12mins.
      Increase bcast2,bcast3 timelimit to 13 mins.
      Increase bcast2 and bcast3 timelimit to 20mins.

Norio Yamaguchi (3):
      Fix compile error
      Fix the implementation of RMA in netmod-IB
      Fix malloc functions in netmod-IB

Paul Coffman (7):
      Remove Blue Gene/Q specific MPID_VCR_GET_LPIDS
      Disable MPIDI_Init_collsel_extension call on BGQ
      MPIDO_Ibarrier optimized pami code incorrect
      MPIDI_Coll_comm_create unsetting default collops for inTERcomms
      fix failure to update status in p2pcontig case
      MP_IOTASKLIST error checking
      Assign large blocks first in ADIOI_GPFS_Calc_file_domains

Pavan Balaji (25):
      Added a note in the README about MXM_LOG_LEVEL.
      MPICH-specific initialization of hcoll.
      Test MPI_IN_PLACE variants of NBCs.
      Fixes to the man and www page builds.
      Allow ROMIO to propagate library dependencies to MPICH.
      Function state cleanup.
      Change macros to use standard format
      Remove unnecessary arbitrary code.
      Delete the unsupported mx and wintcp netmods.
      Bug-fix: free all created portals.
      MPICH-specific initialization of mxm.
      MPICH-specific initialization of mxm.
      Disable hugepage support by default.
      Initial draft of flow-control in the portals4 netmod.
      Remove namespacing for static functions and types.
      Several updates to the rportals code.
      Do not expose the flowcontrol parameter to the user.
      Change "flow_control" to data/control portal type.
      Fix rportals bug when ACK not requested
      rportals code refactoring.
      Additional comments to explain what we are doing.
      On an error drop all existing events for that op.
      Clean up event stashing.
      Update version information for 3.2a2.
      Added CHANGES for 3.2a2.

Rob Latham (2):
      romio: small formatting fix for compiler warnings
      guard against null file data representation

Sangmin Seo (5):
      Change mpich-discuss at mcs.anl.gov to discuss at mpich.org.
      Add nonblocking collective I/O functions.
      Add tests for nonblocking collective I/O.
      Add more nonblocking collective I/O tests.
      Fix incorrect sendbufs used in MPI_Iallgather.

Wesley Bland (35):
      Revert "Test MPI_IN_PLACE variants of NBCs."
      Test MPI_IN_PLACE variants of NBCs.
      Fix FUNC_ENTER macros for some ft functions
      Don't test tags when unnecessary
      Add a test for combining agree and shrink
      Copy tag checking proceedure to all MPIC funcs
      Fix typo in bcast macro
      Don't try to destroy a request if it doesn't exist
      Unmark ft tests: die, barrier, reduce
      Remove _FT from state names
      Fix typo in 72513b14
      Unmark more FT tests
      Fix configure related to --enable-error-checking
      Improve the senddead test
      Add a queue for shm RTS messages
      Add a warning if the RTS queue is overflowed
      Add CVAR for initial size of RTS queue
      Add MPID_Request_is_pending_failure
      Check for any source reqs that should be pending
      Check for pending any source ops
      Return request from IRECV even if failure
      Improve the anysource test
      Mark anysource as not failing anymore
      Clean up revoke function
      Correctly match requests when revoking
      Enable revoke_nofail in test
      Remove unused variable
      Take a bit in the tag space for proc failure
      Change errflag to be an enum
      Correctly handle errflag in MPI collectives
      Mark collective FT tests as passing
      Fix null pointer deref in pending check
      Cleanup FT tests
      Add test for revoke+shrink

Xin Zhao (59):
      Revert "MPICH-specific initialization of mxm."
      Revert "netmod/mxm: Avoid calling mxm send req handling from mxm send completion callback"
      Clean up white-space and code format in RMA code.
      Bug-fix: always waiting for remote completion in Win_unlock.
      Bug-fix: avoid free NULL pointer in RMA.
      Temporarily remove all RMA PVARs.
      Code refactoring to clean up the RMA code.
      Inline static functions to remove compiler warnings.
      Avoid using VC in RMA lock queue structure.
      Rename ACK packets in RMA.
      Embedding packet structure into RMA operation structure.
      Add global / local pools of RMA ops and related APIs.
      Add target element and global / local pools and related APIs.
      Add RMA slots and related APIs.
      Add routine to enqueue op to RMA slots.
      Add global window list.
      Add a flag in op struct to indicate derived datatype.
      Add new RMA states on window / target and modify state checking.
      Keep track of no. of non-empty slots on window.
      Add nonblocking ops / targets GC functions.
      Add nonblocking progress making functions.
      Add blocking ops / targets aggressively cleanup functions.
      Free incomplete ops when FLUSH ordering is provided.
      Implement GET_OP routine which guarantees to return an OP.
      Enable making progress in operation routines.
      Control no. of active RMA requests in the runtime.
      Rewrite all synchronization routines.
      Separate pkt handler of ACC and GACC into two handlers.
      Split shared RMA packet structures.
      Separate request handler of PUT, ACC, GACC and rename them.
      Detect remote completion by FLUSH / FLUSH_ACK messages.
      Decrement Active Target counter at target side.
      code refactoring in operation routines.
      Add useful pkt wrappers.
      Add IMMED area in packet header.
      Simplify issuing functions at origin side.
      Simplify PktHandler_FOP and PktHandler_FOPResp.
      Rearrange enum of pkt types.
      Reset the start of the enum to 0.
      Rewrite code of passive lock control messages.
      Delete no longer needed code.
      add original RMA PVARs back.
      Move ircpi.c from test/mpi/rma to examples.
      Remove unused variable in examples/ircpi.c.
      Move definition of global window counters to nemesis / sock.
      Bug-fix: unset progress flag in branch that does not make progress.
      Bug-fix: add CVAR category CH3 back.
      Bug-fix: initialize sync_flag to MPIDI_RMA_SYNC_NONE.
      Set the initial value of enum in RMA code to different values.
      Delete redundant enum values for lock types.
      Bug-fixing: set window state to MPIDI_RMA_NONE when UNLOCK finishes.
      Delete no longer used epoch states.
      Delete no longer needed file.
      Delete unused variable.
      Perf-tuning: issue FLUSH, FLUSH ACK, UNLOCK ACK messages only when needed.
      Initialize flag in pkt when creating RMA operation.
      Modify do_accumulate_op() to accept better arguments.
      Code-refactoring: wrapping up action of finishing op on target.
      Split shared request handler.


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