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Fri Apr 24 10:19:19 CDT 2015

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The annotated tag, v3.2b2 has been created
        at  ced902bb0853c2b89c4c4e5e2d92d49ec0064bfb (tag)
   tagging  c895bd9cc8bdb1701ac149d91742727ecd3cbca7 (commit)
  replaces  v3.2b1
 tagged by  Huiwei Lu
        on  Fri Apr 24 10:18:22 2015 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging 'v3.2b2'

Antonio J. Pena (5):
      Fix unsafe datatype release in several RMA tests
      Fix win_shared_create* tests
      Revert "Fix unsafe datatype release in several RMA tests"
      Moved a request assert to an earlier location
      Disable MPICH2 tests by default in old nightlies

Antonio Pena Monferrer (1):
      Fix several RMA + async failures

Charles J Archer (8):
      Update polling loop for OFI cq_read EAGAIN return
      OFI semantics:  close AV after closing endpoint
      Simplification of OFI initialization flow using allocinfo
      OFI tsearch removed from API in favor of FI_PEEK+trecvmsg
      OFI Netmod:  Add CVAR enhancements for OFI provider selection
      OFI:  Update for removed FI_CANCEL flag
      OFI:  Fix multiple providers failing probe-unexp
      Add ordering check to mprobe test case

Halim Amer (3):
      Applied the PPoPP patch
      Revert "Applied the PPoPP patch"
      Hot fix for commit abb56764

Huiwei Lu (3):
      Fixes build failure with per-object thread-cs
      Changed MPICH version to 3.2b2
      Modify CHANGES for 3.2b2 release

Junchao Zhang (6):
      Change file extension from .F90 to .f90 in mpi_f08
      Delete module files generated in F08 config test
      Revise F08 binding build system
      Define MPI_MESSAGE_NULL directly with an integer
      Enhance F08 buildiface to auto-set compile time constants
      Enhance F08 buildiface to auto-set int kinds of c_Ain/Count/Offset

Ken Raffenetti (16):
      move error checking inside guards in info_get.c
      track OFI library (libfabric) in EXTERNAL_LIBS
      gforker: implement PMI_Abort handler
      gforker: fixup for [7bb8bd59]
      testsuite: Makefile cleanup
      portals4: fix incorrect usage of max_eqs limit
      portals4: remove unused header file
      portals4: add missing newline to error message
      portals4: fixup for [7d1fd292]
      portals4: increase max_entries limit
      portals4: improvements to VC close
      portals4: overhaul MPICH control message handling
      portals4: revert [722d85a4] and [d459c025]
      portals4: tuning
      portals4: fix anysource_matched
      mxm: fix anysource_matched

Min Si (3):
      Fixed the Fortran common symbol issue on Mac.
      A workaround for FreeBSD pthread mallc/free bug.
      Revert "A workaround for FreeBSD pthread mallc/free bug."

Norio Yamaguchi (11):
      Delete unused code in netmod-IB
      Code cleanup in netmod-IB
      Fix fail to build with new libc
      Fix allocation size and release size in netmod-IB
      Fix memory leak in netmod-IB
      Fix strict-aliasing rules break in netmod-IB
      Fix sending size of non-contiguous data in IB
      Fix invalid access before connection established
      Fix some build warnings in netmod-IB
      Fix operation of long messages in netmod-IB
      Add copyright in netmod-IB

Paul Coffman (7):
      ROMIO One-sided Collective IO Aggregation base code
      ROMIO Collective IO One-sided aggregation algorithm base code
      ROMIO Collective IO One-sided aggregation algorithm GPFS enablement
      ROMIO Collective IO One-sided aggregation algorithm non-contiguous
      ROMIO Collective IO One-sided aggregation algorithm avoid
      ROMIO Collective IO One-sided aggregation algorithm support read-modify-write
      PAMI_Rput_typed / PAMI_Rget_typed utilization for derived types

Pavan Balaji (14):
      Reduce the number of processes in the commcreatep test.
      Bump up the bcast2/bcast3 timeouts a bit more.
      Remove unnecessary backslashes in man pages.
      Get rid of bcast3.c
      Cosmetic changes to the bcast2 test.
      Simplify the bcast test.
      Update .gitignore.
      Free communicators when not using them.
      Increase bcast_full time limit.
      Run putfence1 and getfence1 only with two processes.
      Replace xfail ticket number.
      Cleanup threaded progress.
      Initial version of the intelligent thread yielding.
      Fix arbitrary poll count before yielding.

Rob Latham (7):
      update ROMIO header checks for modern autoconf
      use autoconf routines for AIO struct checks
      check for aio-lite request/presence
      romio standalone: implement missing check
      fix "is present" case for MPI_Count check
      Revert "When decrementing a ref-count to 0, do not bother with atomics."
      move window creation out of common code

Sameh Sharkawi (4):
      PAMID: CUDA AWARE support in collectives didn't handle local copy
      PAMID: Dynamically loading libcuda instead of static linking to libmpi.so
      PAMID: Fix CUDA-aware NULL buffer assert
      PAMID: MPI_Allreduce/MPI_Reduce coredump w/ DOUBLE_INT datatype

Sangmin Seo (1):
      Fix wrong alias names.

Su Huang (1):
      PAMID: Unexpected mpi_gather message print out when MP_PRINTENV=yes

Wesley Bland (4):
      Remove unused version of MPID_Comm_agree
      Remove MPID_Comm_failed_bitarray
      Remove fixed size variable usage
      Extend timeouts for putfence1/getfence1

Xin Zhao (5):
      Move 'stream_offset' out of RMA packet struct.
      Set size of IMMED data in RMA packets to 8 bytes.
      Delete assert that no longer makes sense.
      Bug-fix: correct the wrong judgement in RMA function.
      Modify comments about atomicity in GACC/FOP handlers.


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