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Mon Jun 1 00:55:42 CDT 2015

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The annotated tag, v3.2b3 has been created
        at  b922ef64a2c7630d393b6d187fcb77d800146771 (tag)
   tagging  25204ef3ea181d8e3f4a702abd19615773c2b3c1 (commit)
  replaces  v3.2b2
 tagged by  Ken Raffenetti
        on  Mon Jun 1 00:55:20 2015 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging 'v3.2b3'

Antonio J. Pena (2):
      Destroy the handle mutex on finalize
      Fixed the test threads/spawn/th_taskmaster

Halim Amer (1):
      Fix handle leaks when canceling LMT send requests

Huiwei Lu (1):
      Fix threaded MPI_Comm_idup

Igor Ivanov (2):
      netmod/mxm: Add barrier before mxm_ep_destroy() call
      mpid/common/hcoll: Fix broken hcoll support

Jeff Hammond (2):
      compress test cases with loop
      add comments and double precision cases

Jithin Jose (2):
      OFI:  Added FI_RC_RETRY and use it for all TX/RX operations.
      OFI:  Set address length correctly while adding to business card

Junchao Zhang (8):
      Adjust MPI_BOTTOM to zero in F77/90 bindings
      Add a test for MPI_BOTTOM and absolute datatypes in C/Fortran mixed code
      Code cleanup to remove USE_POINTER_FOR_BOTTOM
      Mark test/mpi/f90/f90types/createf90types with xfail
      Replace MPIX_Aint_ with MPI_Aint_ for MPI-3.1
      Replace MPIX_T_ with MPI_T_ for MPI-3.1
      Replace MPIX_ with MPI_ in NBC-IO for MPI-3.1
      Change MPI_SUBVERSION from 0 to 1 for MPI-3.1

Ken Raffenetti (22):
      build-system: fix prepend/append flag macros
      build-system: add lib64 dirs only if they exist
      tsuite: test to expose limitation in Portals4 netmod
      bug-fix: error macro for atomic datatype checking
      tsuite: disable namepub tests when not configured
      Revert "Patched libtool for inter-library dependency on FreeBSD."
      tsuite: explicitly add -lpthread when used in tests
      dev/sock: fix build error with usleep
      netmod/portals4: cleanup pt2pt request tracking
      netmod/portals4: minor request ref helper fixup
      netmod/portals4: pkt enum typo
      netmod/portals4: free allocated memory in cancel send
      netmod/portals4: ignore reserved tag bits
      fixup for [90100837]
      xfail io/resized2 test for now
      tsuite: move file errhandler test to io bucket
      tsuite: mark manyget test as xfail
      mark some additional tests as xfail prior to release
      xfail cancelrecv
      another xfail to prep release
      xfail bcastlength for release
      update version and CHANGES for 3.2b3

Min Si (6):
      Removed duplicate header check in src/pm/hydra/configure.ac.
      Added function check and declaration for hstrerror.
      Patched libtool for inter-library dependency on FreeBSD.
      Bug fix: use lb + extent for derived dt in mtest datatype.
      Added lower-bound tests in mtest datatype routine.
      Added contig derived dt tests in mtest datatype.

Paul Coffman (1):
      PAMI_Rput_typed / PAMI_Rget_typed add ref count to MPID_Datatype

Pavan Balaji (7):
      Reenable a bunch of tests that were disabled so far.
      Promote MPL_large_writev/readv return types to ssize_t.
      Cleaned up the management of wrapper flags in MPICH.
      Added support for static compilation.
      remove the newmad netmod.
      remove the scif netmod.

Rob Latham (5):
      tweak hint inspection approach
      test case for large gather
      fixup: correctly const-ify hint processing routine
      proper return value for MPI_File_call_errhandler
      avoid segfault when calling built-in error handler

Sangmin Seo (2):
      ROMIO: check if the host OS is Linux
      ROMIO: fix stack fault in NBC I/O

Valentin Petrov (5):
      OFI: Add support for large tags using immediate data and OFI tag layouts
      OFI: Fix memory leak in anysource cancel path
      OFI: Remove unnecessary DYNAMIC_MR capability
      OFI: MPIR_Barrier_impl should not be called from MPID_nem_ofi_finalize.
      OFI: Bug fix for RTS/CTS/DATA protocol.

Xin Zhao (13):
      Add a test for derived ACCs working with MPI_Win_flush_local.
      Add asserts and comments in Nemesis and MXM netmod about streaming offset.
      Correct usage of req's segment_first and segment_size in Nemesis
      Bug-fix: add true_lb when directly issuing contiguous derived data.
      Modify comments about issuing origin data in RMA.
      Modify comments about piggybacking LOCK with op.
      Revert "Move 'stream_offset' out of RMA packet struct."
      Initialize tmpbuf in request to NULL when creating new request.
      Add extended packet header in CH3 layer used by RMA messages
      Issue extended packet header in nemesis/netmod.
      Rename request handlers for ACC/GACC.
      Merge issuing functions for streamed msgs and non-streamed msgs in CH3.
      Bug-fix: issue extended packet header in sock.


MPICH primary repository

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