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The annotated tag, v3.2b1 has been created
        at  810291da3c4e7d0f972872a9175ecfaa73f9a6ba (tag)
   tagging  2524cea29f887df330259ad53706a16ed83ac869 (commit)
  replaces  v3.2a2
 tagged by  Antonio J. Pena
        on  Sun Mar 15 21:23:40 2015 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tagging 'v3.2b1'

Antonio J. Pena (17):
      Add Immediate versions of nonblocking coll. I/O
      Enable MPI 3.1 MPI_Aint address arithmetic functs.
      Changed MPI_SUBVERSION to 1
      Mark coll/alltoallw1 as xfail (ticket 2180)
      Marking threads/alltoall as xfail (ticket 2199)
      Marking pingping as xfail (ticket 2239)
      Increase timeLimit for pingping
      Mark FT multi_isendalive test as xfail
      Changed MPICH version to 3.2b1
      Added ft/barrier as xfail
      Mark ft/isendalive as expected to fail
      Mark ft/reduce as expected to fail
      Revert "Changed MPI_SUBVERSION to 1"
      Revert "Enable MPI 3.1 MPI_Aint address arithmetic functs."
      Revert "Add Immediate versions of nonblocking coll. I/O"
      CHANGES file for 3.2b1 release
      Marked ft/nvccoll test as expected to fail

Charles J Archer (7):
      Open Fabrics Working Group (OFIWG) Netmod Support
      Compile time fixes to latest OFI interfaces
      Open Fabrics offical name is OFI rename from SFI
      Include uppercase SFI to OFI in netmod rename
      Updates to latest OFI pre-1.0 release
      Compile time fixes to the latest rc of OpenFabrics Interfaces
      Updates to latest OFI api (endpoint attribute location change)

Huiwei Lu (4):
      FT: Fixes ref counts in shrink and agree
      Mark comm_idup_overlap as xfail
      Mark comm_idup and comm_idup_mul as xfail
      Adds a note of deprecating Myrinet MX to CHANGES

Igor Ivanov (2):
      mpid/sched: Fix issue with schedule entries list processing
      mpi/coll: Fix a bug in MPI_Scan

James Dinan (2):
      Fix error class buf in MPI_Error_add_code
      Add dynamic err code, predefined err class test

Jithin Jose (1):
      Updates for latest OFI-libfabric API

Junchao Zhang (14):
      Fix a typo for MPI_TYPE_NULL
      Fix an arg name in MPI_Comm_set_info
      Fix an arg name in MPI_TYPE_NULL_DELETE_FN
      Add MPI_Status_f2f08 & MPI_Status_f082f
      Fix misleading text in doc for error code MPI_ERR_TYPE
      Fix a typo in mpivar.c
      Update libtool and automake versions in release.pl
      Add new MPI_T routines and an error code in headers
      Implement new MPI_T routines to get vars/categories by name
      Add error names for newly added MPI_T routines
      Add a test for the new MPI_T_xxx_get_index() routines
      Add a generic error code MPI_T_ERR_INVALID of MPI-3.1
      Fix weak attribute interface for new MPI_T routines
      Change MPI-3.1 MPI_T stuff to MPIX_T

Ken Raffenetti (28):
      use 0 to indicate false in while expression
      portals4: handle PTL_NO_SPACE
      portals4: raise list size limit
      portals4: add macro for safe PtlMEAppend
      ch3: cleanup abort code
      implement PMI_Abort
      modify fatal error handler
      fixup test for abort with fault tolerance
      fixups for revoke_shrink test
      add generated testlist file to .gitignore
      hydra: fix zero-length format string warnings
      remove mpl/opa libs from external flags when embedded
      disable libtool versioning for embedded libraries
      Fortran profiling interface fix
      patch libtool for ifort on darwin
      rptls: do not send pause/unpause messages to self
      correct tag usage in MPIC_Sendrecv
      portals4: remove dead code
      portals4: simplify send callback
      require automake >= 1.15
      require libtool >= 2.4.3
      portals4: simplify operation tags in RMA code
      portals4: encode rank in match bits instead of header
      portals4: use portals4 hdr_data for length info
      portals4: change variable name
      testsuite: move coll alias checks to errors dir
      testsuite: remove leading spaces in testlist files

Kuleshov Aleksey (1):
      Fix bug in using wrong type for packsize.

Min Si (6):
      Add info check to avoid unnecessary SHM detection.
      Add tests for SHM detection in win_create.
      Set default test level of mtest-datatype through env var.
      Simplify test setting of min/full datatype tests.
      Fix win size translation in attrlangf90 test.
      Use the same basic dt in mtest derived dt tests.

Norio yamaguchi (2):
      Fix implementation of RMA in netmod-IB
      Bug-fix : leak mutex unlock in netmod-IB

Paul Coffman (4):
      Criteria for disabling pami optimized collectives invalid on BGQ
      romio gpfs: select correct read buffer
      romio gpfs: select correct read buffer addendum
      barrier in close whenever shared files supported

Pavan Balaji (4):
      Remove old unused errnames.
      No need to namespace a static function that is unused outside.
      Move static function to sit inside !defined MPICH_MPI_FROM_PMPI.
      Fix xfail format.

Rajeev Thakur (2):
      Changes the sticky lb/ub fields in resized types to 0, since the lb/ub
      Fix MPI_Info_get to pass valuelen+1 to MPIU_Strncpy and check return

Ralph Castain (1):
      ROMIO: Add missing files to Makefile.mk 'noinst'

Rob Latham (7):
      make ADIOI_Shfp_fname report errors
      use PATH_MAX instead of magic number
      Tweak MPIDU_Datatype_debug output
      clean up 64-to-32 bit casts
      fix issue with small i/o and big datatypes
      check for avialablity of pwrite
      remove _XOPEN_SOURCE in code

Sameh Sharkawi (1):
      PAMID: Initial CUDA support

Sangmin Seo (3):
      Fix async progress problem in NBC I/O.
      Mark iwriteatallf as xfail
      Do not reference a CH3 variable in ROMIO glue.

Su Huang (2):
      PAMID: misc chnages in pamid to support MPICH 3.2
      PAMID:MP_STATISTICS=print will cause mpi hw case coredump

Wesley Bland (38):
      MPID_Request_is_pending_failure always returns 0 in pamid
      Fix bug in shrink when serializing failed procs
      Add agree_shrink to testlist
      Fix typo in error code man page
      Bring test suite version in line with MPICH
      Don't free a request if it still pending
      Strip out pending ANY_SOURCE request handling
      Break out of progress for anysource failures
      Handle anysource in the wait* functions
      Allow MPIR_Request_complete to take a NULL request
      Make anysource test more accurate
      Handle anysource in blocking recv functions
      Change MPIDI_CH3I_Comm_AS_enabled to be MPID level
      Move MPID_Comm_AS_enabled to MPID layer function
      Remove ADI breakage introduced earlier
      Refactor MPI_Testall to have an MPIR version
      Fix for MPIX_COMM_AGREE to not return incorrect errors
      Refactor MPIC_Wait to return an errflag
      Refactor MPIC functions to use the MPID objects
      Add MPIC_Issend
      Move mpir_errflag_t to mpitypedefs.h
      Add mpir_errflag_t to MPIDI_Request
      Convert scheduler functions to use MPIC
      Add test for non-blocking collective failures
      Correctly return errcode for NBC
      Fix a bunch of bugs in the scheduler
      Adds mpiimpl.h include to sock.c
      Moves errflag in request from device to top level
      Add weak symbols for MPIX functions
      Don't check for anysource if not recv
      Only process recv requests
      Clear error bits in MPIC functions
      Remove unused variable in alltoallw
      Mark failing FT tests as xfail for now
      Mark ft/scatter as xfail
      Mark more ft tests as xfail.
      Mark more ft as xfail
      Mark ft/die as xfail

William Gropp (6):
      Make ROMIO htmldocs update link file
      Check for endif in f77tof90 to avoid false warning
      Add support for procs-per-node to testsuite runs
      Update test suite README
      Correct testsuite dist target support
      Add timelimit option

Xin Zhao (107):
      Bug-fix: preventing completing the same RMA request twice.
      Code-refactor: arrange RMA sync functions.
      Code-refactor: arrange RMA pkt structure.
      Clean up unused attributes in RMA packet structs.
      Bug-fix: correctly modify win_ptr->accumulated_ops_cnt
      Bug-fix: check win_ptr->active_req_cnt in RMA sync calls
      Bug-fix: handle dest==MPI_PROC_NULL in Win_flush/flush_local
      Bug-fix: in UNLOCK handler, send FLUSH_ACK first, then release lock.
      Perf-optimize: support piggybacking LOCK on large RMA operations.
      Bug-fix: add IMMED area in GET/GACC response packets
      Perf-optimize: avoid FLUSH/FLUSH_ACK messages if no PUT/ACC.
      Bug-fix: set put_acc_issued flag correctly
      Use int instead of size_t in RMA pkt header.
      Code-refactor: move piggyback work from op routines to issue rountines
      Bug-fix: modify free_ops_before_completion function
      Poke progress engine in RMA sync call when needed
      Do memory barriers at proper places in RMA sync calls.
      Check if all targets are freed at end of RMA sync calls.
      Bug-fix: always allocate ranks array in Win_start.
      Reset/release window attributes in RMA sync calls.
      Set window epoch state at proper places in RMA calls.
      Use window pool to manage lock requests
      Change struct name from MPIDI_Win_lock_queue to MPIDI_RMA_Lock_entry
      Modify struct name: replace "struct XXX" with "XXX_t"
      Re-organize progress engine functions.
      Code-refactor: Move send_flush_msg function to header file.
      Bug-fix: add pkt type LOCK in GET_TARGET_WIN_HANDLE macro
      Change routine/pkt name from LOCK_GRANTED to LOCK_ACK
      Add new pkt flags for different LOCK ACKs.
      Modify send_lock_ack_pkt function to contain flags.
      Modify ACK of op with both LOCK and UNLOCK (FLUSH) flags
      Tracking current buffered lock data on each window
      Support handling different LOCK ACKs
      Avoid memcpy if we decided to drop current op data.
      Setting infos in win_init function.
      Add check no_locks info in set_info function.
      Change function name: set_lock_sync_counter -> handle_lock_ack
      Bug-fix: first dequeue lock entry from queue, then perform op in this entry
      Bug-fix: store lock entry pointer in request even data is dropped
      Simplify epoch checking in Win_lock
      Delete unnecessary code in SHM allocate / free.
      Bug-fix: making processes with SHM and without SHM win work corrrectly.
      Add tests to test cases when both SHM window and non-SHM window exist.
      Bug-fix: guarantee atomicity for FOP and GACC.
      Add tests to test the atomicity for FOP, CAS and GACC operations.
      Temporarily revert commits for src/mpid/ch3/include/mpidpkt.h
      Revert "Code-refactor: arrange RMA pkt structure."
      Re-apply modifications on mpidpkt.h.
      Modify packet wrappers to make them complete.
      Add comments about RMA packet wrappers.
      Remove lock_type and origin_rank areas from RMA packet.
      Code-refactoring for RMA operations routines.
      Rewrite code of piggybacking IMMED data with RMA packets.
      Add asserts for RMA packet types.
      Change argument of function finish_op_on_target.
      Use memcpy for structure assignment.
      Bug-fix: use do_accumulate_op function for ACC computation.
      Bug-fix: when encounter mpich failure, unlock inter-process lock.
      Remove source_win_handle from GET-like RMA packets.
      Simplify code of issuing RMA packets.
      Delete unnecessary code.
      Delete comments that no longer make sense.
      Bug-fix: add barriers between init buffers and issuing RMA operations.
      Clean up white-space and code format in RMA code.
      Add CH3 APIs and macros to allow channel to implement Alloc_mem/Free_mem.
      Change name of MPIDI_CH3U_Win_create_gather to MPIDI_CH3U_Win_gather_info.
      Store window basic attributes into a struct on window.
      Reduce size of shm_base_addrs[] from comm_size to node_size.
      Add a function hook to initialize window attributes in channel layer.
      Allow the channel layer to implement Win_gather_info function.
      Use function hook instead of function pointer for win_free.
      Simplify code: not using flag MPIDI_CH3_PKT_FLAG_RMA_IMMED_RESP for GACC/FOP.
      Simplify code: deleting derived DT code for op piggybacked with LOCK.
      Add FIXME about extending piggybacking LOCK to op with derived DT.
      Code-refactoring: set iov in issue_from_origin_buffer.
      Modify macro PAIRTYPE_SIZE_EXTENT to accept correct arguments.
      Make 'eltype' in datatype struct store basic type.
      Bug-fix: make RMA work correctly with pair basic type.
      Change name from data_size to buf_size.
      Code-refactoring: make perform_get_acc_in_lock_queue cleaner.
      Modify location of setting next_op_to_issue and sync_flag to NONE
      Code refactoring: setting ureq after issuing op in a function.
      Code refactoring: set ureq to NULL when creating op.
      Return request pointer from issue_from_origin_buffer function.
      Increment active_req_cnt when issuing the packet.
      Use a request array in RMA operation.
      use MPIDI_CH3U_Request_complete to complete user request.
      Make create_datatype be able to create more general new datatype.
      Split issue_from_origin_buffer into normal and stream version.
      Cutting ACC and GACC messages.
      Make sure we only copy dataloop once for each RMA operation.
      Reset flags for stream unit within one RMA operation.
      Add counter in op struct to remember number of stream units issued.
      Add stream_offset to ACC-related packets and request struct.
      Correct the name of RMA requests types.
      Bug-fix: add FOP req types.
      Modify do_accumulate_op to allow for packed basic type data as input.
      Modify RMA pkt handlers and req handlers to allow for stream units.
      Allocate buffer with stream size for ACC/GACC data piggybacked with LOCK.
      Modify SHM ACC/GACC to avoid allocate large buffer.
      Correct the usage of req's segment_first and segment_size in sendNonContig
      Rename eltype, n_elements and element_size to better names.
      Modify comments about basic_type, n_builtin_elements and builtin_element_size.
      Rename predefined_type / predef_type to basic_type.
      Add a test code to test Accumulate operations working with pair type.
      Change file name ch3u_rma_oplist.c to ch3u_rma_progress.c

andrey.lobanov (1):
      fixed memory leaks in pmi messages handling

artem.v.yalozo (2):
      Windows conformance: RMA mutexes
      added missed brackets in MPL_LL_DELETE_VS2008 macro


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