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The annotated tag, v3.2rc1 has been created
        at  74d946f3cfba149dfc57a92d1f5d3c1fc6c2438a (tag)
   tagging  56166ffbcdfd9a2efe6fefb06317f839f6a6fa7e (commit)
  replaces  v3.2b4
 tagged by  Pavan Balaji
        on  Mon Oct 5 16:21:35 2015 -0500

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging 'v3.2rc1'

Aaron S. Knister (1):
      let srun know definitiviely there's no stdin

Charles J Archer (10):
      Move fastpath static inline to appropriate location
      Code refactoring to clear up naming convention.
      Fix ut array compile problem
      Generalize GPID structure for devices
      Second round of code refactoring
      MPIR_ERR_POP routines, remove if branch on error checking
      Per-object build fix.
      Removed unused MPIXX_Thread_tls_exit_func_t typedefs
      Thread package none compile/link fix

Halim Amer (3):
      Refactor some MPI_ macros into MPIU_
      Refactor USE_xx to MPIU_xx in mpiu_timer*
      Deleted some unused code related to Windows

Huiwei Lu (8):
      Fix single-threaded MPIR_Get_contextid_sparse_group
      Fixes counters in multithreaded MPIR_Get_contextid_sparse_group
      Adds a test for overlapping comm_dup and comm_idup
      Mark comm_idup_comm2 as xfail
      Revert "Mark comm_idup_comm2 as xfail"
      Fixing a copy-paste error in comm_idup_comm2
      Deprecate single-threaded MPIR_Get_contextid_sparse_group
      Fixing idup error handling

Jeff Squyres (1):
      netmod/ofi: specify tx/rx ordering

Jens Hauke (1):
      avoid dependency on GPFS if not requested

Jithin Jose (1):
      Add fallback option for thread: MPID thread -> MPIDU thread -> MPIU thread

Junchao Zhang (1):
      binding/f08: install all f08 module header files

Ken Raffenetti (19):
      tsuite: whitespace cleanup
      tsuite: add iterations to threaded alltoall test
      netmod/portals4: delete unused code
      pm/gforker: fix compile errors related to code refactor
      pm/gforker: fixup for [c47e0fba0dfd]
      netmod/portals4: cleanup business card args
      netmod/portals4: fix incorrect sizeof usage
      binding/mpif_h: fix memory leak
      tsuite: add generated files to .gitignore
      netmod/portals4: use large type for message length
      tsuite: remove C99
      tsuite: check the result of MPI_Get_elements_x
      initialize tickval with gettimeofday timer
      remove init_wtick from Solaris timer implementation
      romio: remove stop statements from fortran tests
      maint/jenkins: xfail test failing on Portals 4 bug
      binding/f08: fix vpath builds
      tsuite: add Fortran attr copy test with large value
      binding/mpif_h: promote attribute copy argument types

Lena Oden (16):
      Use different mxm_mq_hs for send and recvme in mxm.
      Move commit_comm to the end of the comm_idup
      Remove old USE_STRICT_MPI macros
      Create new test for multithreaded Comm_create_group
      Add a new test overlapping comm_idup with comm_create_group
      Fix overlapping comm_idup and comm_group_create
      Add a new test for comm_idup error handling
      Add nonblocking collective error tests
      Modify too_many_icomms2 to wait for remaining idups
      Orders multiple comm_idups in a list
      Fix error handling from comm_idup
      Multiple comm_idups in different threads are not supported for socks
      Mark error tests for non-blocking collecvites as xfail
      Remove a typo from the previous commit (e0dcbdb8)
      Add a new test to catch a possible dead/live-lock for comm_idup
      New design for the ordering of context_id allocation for communicators

Min Si (11):
      Added comment to explain why -flat-namespace is necessary.
      Fixed compile warning in mpi rma tests and mtest datatype routine.
      Added Duplicate function for MTest datatype objects.
      Support multiple dataset in MTest datatype routine.
      Added declaration for MTest basic datatype initialization.
      Added MTest dataset param for init/check calls in MPI tests.
      Revert "Added MTest dataset param for init/check calls in MPI tests"
      Revert "Support multiple dataset in MTest datatype routine".
      Revert "Added Duplicate function for MTest datatype objects".
      Fixed compile warning in MTest datatype.
      Removed unused variable in sock win_pkt_orderings_init.

Paul Coffman (1):
      assorted fixes to ROMIO Collective IO One-sided

Pavan Balaji (82):
      Remove unused old code.
      A non-zero exit code is not an error.
      White space cleanup.
      Remove xfail for idup tests.
      Require libtool version 2.4.6.
      White space cleanup of the test suite.
      Update version number in preparation for the 3.2rc1 release.
      Revert overzealous white space cleanup in [b722a2422dbd].
      Rename fence request callback and move it to where it's used.
      Rename dangling_request_cnt to sync_request_cnt.
      Add a callback for PSCW request completions.
      Set window to active when receiving Lock ACK.
      Update author list for the MPICH user guides.
      Added more mailmaps to deal with changed email addresses.
      Added a new test for duping many comms with idup.
      Minor cleanup for context_id allocation
      White space cleanup for the commutil file.
      Separate out context ID allocation into a different file.
      Remove function namespacing for static functions.
      Get rid of the old MPIR_Get_contextid function.
      Convert camelcase variables to underscore format.
      RMA code Cleanup.
      Cleanup unnecessary commented out redefinition of MPID_Abort.
      Remove commented out content.
      Cleanup timer functionality.
      Added search/replace script to the maint directory.
      White space cleanup.
      Remove useless redefinitions of MPIU_Wtime_init.
      Remove unused CH3-specific CS functionality.
      Use macros instead of direct mutex names to make the code cleaner.
      Remove redundant definition of MPIU_Wtick.
      unistd.h is needed for some of the timer functionality.
      Bug-fix: PGI compiler failure.
      Added missing inclusion of mpimem.h, which is needed for MPIU_Calloc.
      Use MPIU_Thread_ptr instead of MPIU_Thread.
      Bug-fix: Handle icc failures on Darwin with thread local storage.
      Simplify the device thread functionality for ch3.
      Remove unused macros.
      Remove unnecessary and incorrect comment.
      Prefix MPICH-defined constants with MPICH.
      Remove C99 semantics.
      Remove non-error-checking variants of mutex functions.
      List FIXME in one place instead of repeating it everywhere.
      White space cleanup.
      Get rid of unused trylock functionality.
      Minor comment fix.
      First round of cleanup for ROMIO threading.
      Bug-fix: Part of adioi.h code was outside the header macro protection.
      Make error checking unlikely.
      Consistently add error checking in all threading code.
      Initial draft of ROMIO managed thread locks.
      Get rid of recursive locks.
      Simplify threading code.
      Remove mpiu_timer.h.
      Remove unused variable.
      Handle mutex is only used in the per-object code.
      Make memalloc_mutex consistent with the other mutexes.
      Separate out thread_storage to be only be available for thread multiple.
      Have each threads implementation define what it exposes as functions/macros.
      Get rid of the types/funcs separation for each threads implementation.
      Remove unused macro.
      Rename files for consistency.
      Rename MPICH_ThreadInfo_t to MPIR_Thread_info_t.
      Remove incorrect redundant structure name.
      MPICH_PerThread_t should be MPIU_Per_thread_t.
      Remove unnecessary enum.
      MPIU_ to MPICH_ conversion for configure-generated macros.
      Convert internal MPIU_ variables and macros to MPIUI_.
      Rename MPEI functionality to MPIUI.
      MPIU_OBJ_PUBLISH_HANDLE should not be used directly.
      Expose MPIU_THREADPRIV macros through MPID.
      Remove unused datatype.
      Remove unused declarations of thread private variables.
      Replace the direct usage of MPIU_Thread with MPID_Thread.
      Remove unused thread-private declarations.
      Added back the implementation of recursive locks.
      Remove unused declarations.
      Rename POBJ mutexes to better namespace them.
      Move memalloc mutex to an all-granularity mutex.

Rob Latham (17):
      test case for "unable to create file"
      try to more gracefully handle out of memory conditions
      move hint dumping a bit later
      hint processing should not open files
      do not want generic hints to override this lustre hint
      remove bogus double-seek from hint processing fix
      Laying foundation for new features for Panasas
      configure-time check for newer PanFS features
      move flattend resolution to a separate function
      sync ROMIO locations that touch global state
      fixup: misspelled variable
      error pointer left uninitialized in stub case
      address "potentially used uninitialized" warnings
      clang finds a few shadowed and unused declarations
      implement and use MPL_strerror
      Revert "Initial draft of ROMIO managed thread locks."
      Revert "sync ROMIO locations that touch global state"

Ron Victorelli (1):
      Remove RAID0 support and add RAIDN to MPICH

Sangmin Seo (2):
      romio: add MPIR_Ext_cs_yield_global.
      romio: add matching MPIR_Ext_cs_exit calls.

William Gropp (3):
      Fixes for coverage target.
      Remove trailing blanks and typo in Makefile
      Fix misspelled comment in getcoverage

William Throwe (1):
      ROMIO configure looks for lstat in wrong header

Xin Zhao (53):
      Add initialization of request_handle in the request object.
      Make request completion callback to delete operation and drop GC progress.
      Add bracket to protect variable name in the macro.
      Simplify function dealing with operation piggybacked with LOCK.
      Simplify RMA issuing functions.
      Add helper macros to simplify the code.
      Delete MPIDI_RMA_Win_list_t struct.
      Rename "non_empty_slots" to "num_active_slots".
      Bug-fix: mark stream units are all issued when issued count equals to total count.
      Rename function adjust_op_piggybacked_with_lock to handle_lock_ack_with_op
      Issue UNLOCK/FLUSH message right after lock is granted.
      Use sync_request_cnt to count total number of ibarrier requests.
      Use num_targets_with_pending_ops instead of num_active_slots.
      Add active/inactive window lists.
      Modify Fence cb function to activate/de-activate window.
      Delete window state switch in RMA progress.
      Delete unused function argument.
      Delete MPIDI_CH3I_num_active_issued_win and MPIDI_CH3I_num_passive_win.
      Register/de-register RMA progress when activate/de-activate window.
      Bug-fix when Lock Ack is LOCK_QUEUED_DATA_QUEUED.
      Rename variable num_targets_with_pending_ops to num_targets_with_pending_net_ops
      Split pending op list into pending_net_ops_list and pending_user_ops_list.
      move static function check_and_set_req_completion to header file.
      Bug-fix: call check_and_set_req_completion for OP piggybacked with lock.
      Delete useless if branch.
      Release the request after modifying the attributes of it.
      Delete redundant function definitions.
      Delete unnecessary condition.
      Remove the restriction of FENCE/PSCW_GRANTED state in RMA progress.
      Make issue_ops_target not re-entrant.
      Delete comment that makes no sense.
      Simplify macros for RMA op.
      Free RMA op object immediately after it is issued out.
      Use counter num_ops_flush_not_issued to control issuing of FLUSH messages.
      Make active_req_cnt as a global variable.
      Reduce default value of MPIR_CVAR_CH3_RMA_ACTIVE_REQ_THRESHOLD.
      Delete redundant function call.
      Add an assert to check MPIDI_CH3I_RMA_Active_req_cnt.
      Bug-fix on RMA working with asynchronous thread.
      Increase time limit of some GACC-based RMA tests to 4 min.
      Keep track of how many progress hooks are currently registered.
      Add missed optimization for sock and pamid.
      Modify Proress_register/deregister_hook to return/pass id argument.
      Move RMA progress_register/de-register_hook to Win_init/free.
      Add Progress_activate/de-activate_hook routines.
      Increase time limit of some GACC-based RMA tests to 4 min.
      Revert "Keep track of how many progress hooks are currently registered."
      Revert "Add missed optimization for sock and pamid."
      Set MAX_PROGRESS_HOOKS to 4 to reduce overhead of progress engine.
      Bug-fix on MPIDI_CH3I_Win_find_target.
      Wait for outstanding ACKs in ending synchronization calls.
      Modify comments.
      Code cleanup.

Yanfei Guo (13):
      Remove the use of C99 syntax (declarations after statements)
      Add the missing return 0 for idup-tests;
      Clean up empty lines in comm_idup tests
      Add new tests for keyval double freeing
      Add build scripts for Jenkins test jobs
      Add scripts for setting XFAIL
      maint/jenkins: enable full test for nightly jobs
      maint/jenkins: add script to skip tests
      maint/jenkins: fix a bug in the set-xfail.sh script
      maint/jenkins: untar MPICH tarball on local disk
      testsuite: comment out new keyval double free tests
      maint/jenkins: fix dir creation bug in test-worker.sh
      Fix bug in attr double freeing tests and reenable the tests


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