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Mon Nov 13 06:00:42 CST 2017

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IronPort Spam Quarantine Notification

If a spam message was missed, or if a message was incorrectly flagged as spam, you can add the sender to a personal safelist or blocklist via the quarantine. Senders on the safelist will not be flagged as spam, and senders on the blocklist will be automatically quarantined.   For more information, visit:


The message(s) below have been quarantined by the Argonne National Laboratory spam filtering system.

There are 1 new messages in your Email Quarantine since you received your last Spam Quarantine Notification.  If the messages below are spam, you do not need to take any action.  Messages will be automatically deleted from the quarantine after 28 day(s). 

If any of the messages below are not spam, click the 'Release' link to have them sent to your Inbox.  

Messages that have been correctly flagged as spam do not need to be reported.

----------- New Quarantine Messages ---------------

Message 1
   From: 姜要习 <hoyucw at dellasoftware.com>
   Subject: *****SPAM*****回复:转发:11月24-25日 深圳 走进标杆企业―向腾讯学互联网思维与创新管理-min
   Date: 12 Nov 2017
   Release: http://mailgateway.anl.gov:8080/Message?action=Release&mid=171797948&h=c7453e2694a7565075a13d261be2e40b&email=commits%40mpich.org


To manage your quarantine please visit the URL below:

If you have any questions regarding the Laboratory spam filtering product, please contact the CIS helpdesk at help at anl.gov or x-9999 option 2.
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