[mpich-devel] MPICH per-obj build issues

Wesley Bland wbland at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Jan 23 14:43:33 CST 2014

Hi Charles,  

I know little about the threading inside MPICH at this point and even less about per object builds. Though I intend to now learn more about this, I’m CC’ing the mpich-devel mailing list in an effort to bring in the right people more quickly.  


On Jan 23, 2014, 2:03:48 PM, Archer, Charles J <charles.j.archer at intel.com> wrote:  

Hi, Wesley, I’m playing around with per-obj builds, using per-object/tls configure options.


pamid defined it’s own critical sections so it doesn’t see this build error, but I’m trying to use default per-obj builds and I hit this:


mpiimplthreadpost.h:27: error: static declaration of 'MPIU_Thread_CS_enter_lockname_impl_' follows non-static declaration


My solution for me was to prototype the functions in  src/include/mpiimplthread.h:


diff --git a/src/include/mpiimplthread.h b/src/include/mpiimplthread.h

index f0141c6..c9af705 100644

--- a/src/include/mpiimplthread.h

+++ b/src/include/mpiimplthread.h

@@ -1039,5 +1039,20 @@ do {                                           \

#define MPIU_THREAD_MPI_OBJ_FINALIZE(objptr_) do {} while (0)



+#if 0


+MPIU_Thread_CS_enter_lockname_impl_(enum MPIU_Nest_mutexes kind,

+                                    const char *lockname,

+                                    MPID_Thread_mutex_t *mutex);




+MPIU_Thread_CS_exit_lockname_impl_(enum MPIU_Nest_mutexes kind,

+                                   const char *lockname,

+                                   MPID_Thread_mutex_t *mutex);




#endif /* !defined(MPIIMPLTHREAD_H_INCLUDED) */




Can you guys add in the prototypes?  This patch isn’t complete, I wanted to talk to you first.

Is this the right solution?



Also related (reported by Bill):



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