[mpich-devel] about MPI hydra process management

unix haha unixhaha at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 18:18:59 CDT 2015

Hi, all:

     I'm working on port the MPICH2 3.1.4 to an embedded environment. I met
some problems for hydra process management, Could anyone help me?

     1. For the old MPD, before the mpirun, there's a daemon process
running on all computer nodes. But I don't see what's hydra's daemon
process in the current MPI document. Could you give me some hints?

      2. As we run the MPICH2 in a resource constraint environment, the SSH
or the other linux-based launcher may not be used. Does it exist any simple
launcher running on the computer nodes before the mpiexec?

      3. What's my understanding for hydra is: once the Launcher process
running on all computer nodes, I can use the mpiexec on the control node to
start the parallel jobs? If so, the problem is: Could I start the Launcher
process manually if there's no linux-based launcher?

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