[mpich-discuss] Why does MPI_Init() get NULL argc and argv when running Fortran programs?

clara clarazhang at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 06:22:12 CST 2012


I added a print statement at the beginning of MPI_Init() in mpich2-1.4 in
order to check the arguments of MPI_Init(). When running a Fortran program,
e.g. ep.S.1, the arguments of MPI_Init() are NULL; however, when running a
C program, e.g. is.S.1, *argc of MPI_Init() is 1 and (*argv)[0] points to
the name of the executed file is.S.1.
Can anyone tell us why there is difference in dealing with arguments of
MPI_Init() between C and Fortran programs? How could arguments be
transferred to MPI_Init() for Fortran programs in mpich2? Thanks.

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