[mpich-discuss] Paramesh with MPICH2 anyone?

Pavan Balaji balaji at mcs.anl.gov
Sun Dec 23 21:11:00 CST 2012

There should not be any difference in which MPI is used for any
high-level library.  Did you try running MPICH with simpler programs?
Does that work correctly?

 -- Pavan

On 08/30/2012 02:41 AM US Central Time, Angel de Vicente wrote:
> Hi,
> last days I have been trying Paramesh
> (http://www.physics.drexel.edu/~olson/paramesh-doc/Users_manual/amr.html). I'm
> using version 4.1, and I managed to make it work with one of the newest
> Intel compilers and OpenMPI, but with the latest MPICH2 version, the
> code works OK only if I run it in one processor, giving bogus results or
> aborting whenever I try to run it with more processors.
> By any chance, anyone here has any experience with Paramesh+MPICH2?
> Thanks,
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Pavan Balaji

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