[mpich-discuss] simple halo exchange program

Kokron, Daniel S. (GSFC-610.1)[Computer Sciences Corporation] daniel.s.kokron at nasa.gov
Wed Nov 14 10:15:30 CST 2012


I am putting together a halo-exchange benchmark that measures the impact of various strategies including Irecv/Send vs . Irecv/Isend vs use of MPI_datatypes instead of manual pack/unpack.  Most importanly, I'd like to measure the impact of using the new MPI_Neighbor_alltoallw.

I have a few pieces of working code, but would love to leverage existing work in this area.  I get some tantalizing hits on "simple halo exchange program".  Does anyone know where I can get the code for "halocompare"

Daniel Kokron
SciCon group

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