[mpich-discuss] mpich-3.0.3 ARMCI compile warnings

Daily, Jeff A jeff.daily at pnnl.gov
Tue Apr 9 18:09:39 CDT 2013


On NERSC's hopper I get the following warnings when compiling the ARMCI sources using the default module environment.

  CC       parmci.lo
PGC-W-0119-void function ARMCI_Barrier cannot return value (../mpich-3.0.3/src/armci/src/parmci.c: 52)
PGC-W-0119-void function ARMCI_Fence cannot return value (../mpich-3.0.3/src/armci/src/parmci.c: 57)
PGC-W-0119-void function ARMCI_AllFence cannot return value (../mpich-3.0.3/src/armci/src/parmci.c: 62)
PGC-W-0119-void function ARMCI_Access_begin cannot return value (../mpich-3.0.3/src/armci/src/parmci.c: 67)
PGC-W-0119-void function ARMCI_Access_end cannot return value (../mpich-3.0.3/src/armci/src/parmci.c: 72)
PGC-W-0119-void function ARMCI_Lock cannot return value (../mpich-3.0.3/src/armci/src/parmci.c: 262)
PGC-W-0119-void function ARMCI_Unlock cannot return value (../mpich-3.0.3/src/armci/src/parmci.c: 267)
PGC-W-0119-void function armci_msg_barrier cannot return value (../mpich-3.0.3/src/armci/src/parmci.c: 277)
PGC-W-0119-void function armci_msg_group_barrier cannot return value (../mpich-3.0.3/src/armci/src/parmci.c: 282)
PGC/x86-64 Linux 12.9-0: compilation completed with warnings

Looks like the when the profiling interface was generated, all functions were assumed to return a value.  I hope it's an easy fix.
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