[mpich-discuss] Hydra torque support issues

Pavan Balaji balaji at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Apr 18 18:04:30 CDT 2013


Can you send the output of "mpiexec -info"?

I'm particularly interested in whether mpiexec recognizes pbs as a
possible launcher or not.  If it recognizes pbs as a launcher, it should
automatically select it where possible.

 -- Pavan

On 04/17/2013 02:21 PM US Central Time, Bharath Ramesh wrote:
> On 4/17/2013 3:10 PM, Brock Palen wrote:
>> Bharath,
>> (sorry on road real quick)
>> I do this with hydra+mvapich with Matlab and it does work.
>> In my case I didn't find how to tell hydra when building mpich/mvapich
>> to tell it where libtorque.so lives.
>> To resolve this I download hydra alone and build it giving explicit
>> options to it to find the torque library.  Then you get the expected
>> behavior.  I don't have the directions for how I did this handy.
> Thanks for the pointer, I will dig into this to see if I can get hydra
> to work correctly. Currently I do pass the option
> --with-pbs=/path/to/torque to the mvapich2 configure line.
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Pavan Balaji

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