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Иващук Роман newtrad at yandex.ru
Fri Apr 19 03:28:07 CDT 2013

Hello all. I am trying to run the latest MPICH-3.0.3 on Linux and Windows. There are no
problems with building MPICH on Linux. Some difficulties with running are not so important.
But building on Windows became a great deal problem (I use Windows 7, MS VS 2010, Visual Fortran XE 2011) .
 Direct implementation the instructions
from the user guide gave no results. The script winconfigure.wsf prints the messages like 

ERROR: 67 definitions n
(156 instances of unhan
Unhandled @foo@'s:

Invalid format in mpich Version file. Expected: "MPICH_VERSION_NAME MPICH_VERSIO
N" format
Unhandled definitions

Some header files like glue_romio.h are absent in the directory /mpich-3.0.3. They are to be
downloaded from the internet.
The file mpi.h generated by the script has simbols like "@" which are not recognized by the VS.
Some header files do not have the correct end of file. 

What is the reason of such situation? Please help.

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