[mpich-discuss] non-blocking communication and subarray data type

Jim Dinan dinan at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Apr 22 16:40:38 CDT 2013

Hi Burlen,

You can free the datatype as soon as you are finished using it.  MPI 
will internally maintain a reference to the datatype so that it is not 
actually freed until both the MPI library and the application code are 
finished using it.


On 4/22/13 4:29 PM, burlen wrote:
> Can anyone clarify about using subarray datatype with irecv, When is ok
> to free the subarray data type? Can I do so immediately after calling
> irecv? or must I wait until the recv really finishes? I didn't see any
> specific language about this in the documentation , but I'm experiencing
> segfaults when MPI accesses previously free'd memory in the datatype.
> Thanks
> Burlen
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