[mpich-discuss] Retagged mpich-3.0.4

Pavan Balaji balaji at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Apr 25 11:03:26 CDT 2013


We accidentally tagged mpich-3.0.4 incorrectly in the mpich git repo to
point to [85acf6c5], instead of the correct hash [0f1067da].  The
release tarball is still fine; just the git tag was incorrect.

We have fixed this in the git repo now.  If you have pulled the 3.0.4
tag from the mpich git repo, please correct your cloned copy using:

 % git tag -d v3.0.4
 % git fetch origin tag v3.0.4

You might also be able to do:

 % git pull --tags

(though we are not entirely sure that'll work).

Sorry about the mess-up.  Once again, the release tarball is correct.
Just the tag was incorrect.


The MPICH Team

Pavan Balaji

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