[mpich-discuss] install + config on windows

spatiogis geo at spatiogis.fr
Tue Apr 30 09:26:35 CDT 2013


	I'm not very good at computing, but I would like to install Mpich2 on  
windows 7 - 64 bits. There is only one pc, with one user plus the admin,  
and a simple core processor.

	I would like to know if it's mandatory to have compiling softwares with  
it to make it work, whereas it is asked in this case only to make run  
another software, and not for compiling (that would maybe save some disk  
space and simplify the installation) ?

	My second issue is that I must be missing something about the server  
configuration. I have installed Mpich from the .msi file, then configured  
the wmpiregister program with the Domain/user informations.

	There is this message displayed when trying to connect in the  
'configurable settings' window : 'MPICH2 not installed or unable to query  
the host'.

	What is the host actually ?

	I know I am starting from very far, I am sorry for these very simple  
questions. Thanks if you can reply me, that would certainly save me some  
long hours of reading and testing ;)



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