[mpich-discuss] MPI_Comm_spawn info argument

Matthieu Dorier matthieu.dorier at irisa.fr
Fri Aug 2 16:03:55 CDT 2013


Using MPI_Comm_spawn I'd like to know how to specify the list of hosts on which to spawn the new processes. The standard http://www.mpi-forum.org/docs/mpi-3.0/mpi30-report.pdf) says that the info field have some reserved keys, but nothing to actually give the list of hostnames. The closest key is "host" but it seems to designate a single host, not a set, and not even the number of process per host. 

What would be the keys for that in mpich and would they be understood my other implementation (e.g. OpenMPI)? 

Also another question related to MPI_Comm_spawn: how can a parent application be aware that the application it spawned terminated? 
And what happens when the parent application exits before the spawned one? 


Matthieu Dorier 
PhD student at ENS Cachan Brittany and IRISA 
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