[mpich-discuss] Hello, I have a question regarding fmpich2s.lib

王祺 1000010493 at pku.edu.cn
Sun Aug 4 00:41:28 CDT 2013

I am a new user in MPICH. Recently I use 
MPICH2-1.4 + windows8 624bit + Visual Studio 2010 + Intel fortran XE parallel 2011
After I installed MPICH2-1.4 using the .msi file, I run my project(which need all fmpich2.lib, fmpich2g.lib, fmpich2s.lib).
It is okay with fmpich2.lib and fmpich2g.lib, but I can't find fmpich2s.lib installed.
There is a mpich2s.vcproj in the source code, But I don't know how to use or install it.
Can you help me with this? It bothed me for a long time.
 Thank you very much.

                              Wang Qi

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