[mpich-discuss] Binding ranks to CPUs + Hydra-Bug

Kenneth Raffenetti raffenet at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Dec 19 14:00:26 CST 2013


I have a fix for this waiting for review. If all goes well, it will be 
in the 3.1 release.


On 12/18/2013 01:02 PM, Jan Bierbaum wrote:
> On 18.12.2013 19:49, Ken Raffenetti wrote:
>> You will have to have bindings specified for all your ranks in the
>> case you describe.
> I would like to, but whenever the list of comma-separated CPU ids
> contains more values than there are CPUs in the system I get an
> assertion failure.
> For example:
> My test system has 4 CPUs. If I try to run 'mpiexec -np 9 -bind-to
> user:0,1,2,0,1,2,0,1,2 /some_path/some_binary' Hydra will crash and show
> the error I pasted in my original message.
> Regards, Jan
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