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Subject: Can't receive messages
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2013 19:00:05 +0100
From: Matthias Neuer <mneuer at web.de>
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I installed MPICH on 2 machines (called notebook and matze-debian) using
the same sourcecode. The output of mpichversion is both times:

MPICH Version:          3.0.4
MPICH Release date:     Wed Apr 24 10:08:10 CDT 2013
MPICH Device:           ch3:nemesis
MPICH configure:        --disable-f77 --disable-fc
MPICH CC:       cc    -O2
MPICH CXX:      c++   -O2
MPICH F77:      no
MPICH FC:       no

I wrote a small test program which I send as an attachment.
On execution on the machine matze-debian I get the following:

Process 0 is on matze-debian
Process 2 is on matze-debian
Process 1 is on notebook
received: Hello, from number 2 on matze-debian
Process 2 has sent the message
Process 1 has sent the message

I don't receive the message from process number 1, but the output
suggests that the message was succesfully sent. Actually I checked the
network traffic using wireshark and matze-debian received a package in
which I found the sent message. So somehow the program does not
recognize the arrival of the message.

When I run the program on a single machine it works.

I don't know if this is a programming error or a configuration error.

Thanks for your help

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