[mpich-discuss] No Console process windows from MPI cluster debugger

Jianhua Jiang jjiang at breault.com
Mon Jul 29 16:21:29 CDT 2013

Hi, all:

I'm new on using MPI on Windows platform. I'm having a problem on MPICH2
in visual studio 2010. I'm trying to using MPI cluster debugger to debug
a very simple MPI application (cpi.exe). I followed all the instructions
on setting up the MPI cluster debugger. I can launch the MPI cluster
debugger with 4 processes and set break points, step through the code.
But I only see one console window, instead of 5 so I can not see the
output of my the program. Does anyone have same problem? How to
configure MPICH2 and VS 2010 to show console window for each MPI

Thanks in advance.

Jianhua (John) Jiang 

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