[mpich-discuss] Build issue with MPICH 3.1rc1 using KNEM

Jerome Vienne viennej at tacc.utexas.edu
Sat Nov 16 00:44:25 CST 2013


While trying to build MPICH 3.1rc1 with KNEM, I had the following error:
*src/mpid/ch3/channels/nemesis/src/mpid_nem_lmt_dma.c(358): error:
identifier "MPIR_CVAR_NEM_LMT_DMA_THRESHOLD" is undefined*
*      nodma = !knem_has_dma || data_sz < MPIR_CVAR_NEM_LMT_DMA_THRESHOLD;*
*compilation aborted for
src/mpid/ch3/channels/nemesis/src/mpid_nem_lmt_dma.c (code 2)*

I am guessing that the issue is coming from the name of the
variable "MPIR_CVAR_NEM_LMT_DMA_THRESHOLD". Looking at the code, I saw that
the name of this variable should be: "MPIR_CVAR_*NEMESIS*

I did this change in my code and the build was ok.

Jerome Vienne, Ph.D
HPC Software Tools Group
Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)
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