[mpich-discuss] Do I need to run "mpd" every time before I execute "mpiexec"?

Nicolas Rosner nrosner at gmail.com
Wed Sep 4 23:02:52 CDT 2013

Hi Seungbum,

> do I need to run "mpd" every time before I run "mpiexec"?

No.  You shouldn't need to run mpd at all.

>From the FAQ: "The mpd process manager has many problems, as well as
an annoying mpdboot step that is fragile and difficult to use
correctly. The mpd process manager is deprecated at this point ..."

Perhaps when you typed "mpiexec", you were not really running the
mpiexec binary that you had just built, but rather some other (really
old) version that was already lying around on your system?

I'd suggest:
   running "which mpiexec" and "mpiexec --version"
   checking your $PATH
   specifying an absolute pathname to the new mpiexec binary instead
of just "mpiexec"

Hope this helps,

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