[mpich-discuss] Building MPICH-3.0.4 to create libmpich.so

John S. Rivas M. jsrivas at gmail.com
Wed Sep 25 16:12:24 CDT 2013

Greetings to all,

I have successfully built *mpich-3.0.4* to work with some applications that
require parallel support. But, I face a problem that I haven't been able to

I need to setup boost libraries (from boost.org) in my system and an error
has popped up. The error indicates that, during the attempt to setup boost,
the library *libmpich.a* cannot be used when making shared objects. It is
my understanding that I should use a library called *libmpich.so* (or
something similar, that allows the creation of shared objects), however
such library is not created when I build *mpich-3.0.4*.

Can anybody indicate to me whether I don't get the *libmpich.so* (or
similar) because I'm missing something during the building of
*mpich-3.0.4*or because it's simply not created and I need to find
another flavor of mpi
for this? I appreciate any inputs.

Some extra info:
- system: Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit)
- compilers used: GNU, including gcc, g++, cc, c++, cpp, f95, and gfortran
- libraries built in /usr/local/lib/: libmpich.a, libmpich.la,
libmpichcxx.a, libmpichcxx.la, libmpichf90.a, libmpichf90.la
- attempts to run ./configure script with options: <none> and
--enable-shared=yes. Both produce the same libraries mentioned above and
not the desired libmpich.so (or similar)

Thanks a lot and best regards.

*"Montani Semper Liberi"*
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