[mpich-discuss] packaging mpiexec with static binaries

Tabrez Ali stali at geology.wisc.edu
Sun Sep 29 09:24:27 CDT 2013


Lets say I have a code that uses MPICH. To run in parallel I use:

mpiexec -n X ./mycode

To run in serial I can also do:


Now if I create a static binary of my code for users who find compiling 
from source daunting (dont ask why) then they can easily run in serial 
as there is no need for mpiexec but then they cant utilize the extra 
cores on their PCs.

Is there a way to package mpiexec along with the static binary? From 
testing it seems that if I ship along mpiexec.hydra and hydra_pmi_proxy 
then it appears to work as follows:

./mpiexec.hydra -n X ./mycode

But I am not sure if it is the right approach. Any tips/advice on 
packaging mpirun/mpiexec along (if possible) is highly appreciated.


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