[mpich-discuss] distributing MPICH Windows binaries

Michael Colonno mcolonno at stanford.edu
Mon Sep 30 16:11:40 CDT 2013

	Hi ~

	Following up from the below, we (the SU^2 development at Stanford, an open-source CFD project) would like to distribute some of the MPICH2 1.4.1 binaries and libraries packaged in our Windows installer to simplify deployment and reduce user questions. We'd like the blessing of your team before doing so of course. 

	On a related note, is an unofficial Windows binary of version 3.0.2 coming? If not, is it a Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) build straightforward from the source? 

	~Mike C. 

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 I don't think there should be any issues from our side.
 However I would recommend that you to send an email to discuss at mpich.org so that the other MPICH folks can also respond to your question.


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Hi ~ 

I’m contacting you on behalf the SU^2 development team at Stanford. SU^2 is an open-source CFD tool that is now widely used by the aerospace community. I’m responsible for the Windows distributions and I build the code against MPICH2 1.4.1 for parallel Windows support. We get a lot of questions from users who skip the documentation and just try to run the parallel versions without installing / configuring MPICH2 (many of them have never even heard of MPI). Hence, I’d like permission to distribute the MPICH2 for Windows installer files and / or libraries and executables with SU^2 (packaged into our installer). We feel this would simplify the installation quite a bit an probably reduce support questions for both of us. Please let me know if you have any objection or licensing issue with this. 


~Mike C.

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