[mpich-discuss] questiones related to MPICH3 on Mac

Feng Xiao fxiao at mymail.mines.edu
Sat Jan 4 21:32:35 CST 2014

hi there,

I am installing MPICH3 on Mac. Because my fortran code is big and so prefer
to use a IDE.
I installed Xcode, and will install Intel Fortran. I will use IDE to edit
the codes, but compile the code on Mac terminal.
I have MPI coding experience on both Linux and Windows, but eventually got
used to Intel Fortran and MPI windows installation for development and
debugging, and transferring source codes to a linux cluster for production.
0) The download of MPICH 3.0.4 contains windows related files, can I run
MPICH 3.0.4 on windows? although the MPICH site states the windows package
has MPICH1 as base model.
IF MPICH3 doesn't support windows, I am going to use Mac
1) I don't know if this is too troublesome to install Intel Fortran just
because I want a IDE, any other good fortran IDE on Mac?
2) Intel MPI and OpenMPI (it is said it comes with Mac OS) are also MPI
standard complaints, I guess the latest versions of them should have most
features of MPICH3? Such as neighborhood collectives and topology aware


Feng Xiao

Doctoral Student
Petroleum Engineering
Colorado School of Mines

Cell 918-814-2644
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