[mpich-discuss] how to decide master node in mpi cluster node.

Wesley Bland wbland at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Jan 24 11:35:30 CST 2014

First, take a look at the documentation that comes with MPICH. There should be a couple of PDFs in your distribution that provide an installation and usage guide. If you installed your package with a package manager and didn’t receive the documentation, you can get it at the website (www.mpich.org).  

As for which node is the “master” and which is the “slave”, there isn’t really such a notion in MPI. The only node that is special is the one where you launch your job. That is just determine by where you are logged in at the time. If you have two hosts (host1, host2), and you are logged into host1, you’d launch your job using something like:  

mpiexec -host host1,host2 -n 2 ./myApp  

That would launch on both hosts.

I’d highly recommend reading through the documentation provided to get more details about how to set everything up and then ask another question here if something is still unclear.  

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