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Pavan Miriyala pavan.kumar9111 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 04:58:15 CST 2014

Dear Sir,

I am Pavan Kumar, pursuing B.Tech (Electronics and communication) final
semester internship from IIT Hyderabad under the guidance of Dr. Amit
Acharyya. My topic is related to interface properties of graphene on
various substrates. For that I am using Molecular Dyanims Simulations using
LAMMPS software, which needs MPICH2 as a prerequisite. I have downlaoded
MPICH2 32 bit edition and installed it on my windows 8 pc.
I've gone through the following steps in command window as an administrator
and got every thing successful.
1) smpd - install
2) mpiexec -remove
3) mpiexec -register
4) mpiexec -validate
4) smpd -status
but in my next step:  mpiexec -np 4 Imp_win_mpi -in in.crack  I'm facing an
error like this
Launch failed : create process (Imp_win_mpi -in in.crack) on 'pc' failed.
the system cannot find the file specified.
Error posting writev, An estabhlished connection was aborted by the
software in your host machine (10053).
unable to post a write for next command
sock error (10053)
unable to post a write of the close command to tear down the job tree as a
part of the abort process.

Please Kindly help to rectify this error.

Thanks & Regards,
Venkata Pavan Kumar. Miriyala
pavan.kumar9111 at gmail.com,
contact number: +91-9032307746
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