[mpich-discuss] Problems in building MPICH (Installation)

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Unfortunately, we haven't supported Windows since MPICH version 1.4.1p1. You can find out more at the FAQ page: http://wiki.mpich.org/mpich/index.php/Frequently_Asked_Questions#Q:_Why_can.27t_I_build_MPICH_on_Windows_anymore.3F


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I have been having quite some trouble with the building of MPICH. Whenever it comes to the step of configuring openPA, the configure process fails, and the building process terminates right there. I have been looking at the config.log in openPA, and have found some errors, but I cannot make sense of these errors. Pardon me, I am unable to provide a direct finger to these problems, and would have to refer to the attached config.log from the openPA folder.

Some info which might help. I am attempting to build this on a Windows machine via Cygwin64.

Source location: Downloads Folder
Build location: Documents Folder
Installation Folder: C drive

General description of errors mentioned:
i)                    Unrecognized command line options ‘-V’ and ‘-qinversion’
ii)                   Configure: gcc –DNDEBUG –DNVALGRIND --> It couldn’t find the directories specified
iii)                 Error: C compiler cannot create executables

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