[mpich-discuss] problem when configure mpich

Yan Bai yanbai06 at gmail.com
Wed May 7 18:33:32 CDT 2014


I was trying to install mpich-3.1 but stopped at the first step: configuration. The Fortran compiler I have is absoft. I tried both the configuration command given by Readme file of mpich-3.1 and the configuration line given by Absoft. Both have the following error message:

configure: error: The selected Fortran 90 compiler /Applications/Absoft11.5/bin/af90 does not work with the selected Fortran 77 compiler /Applications/Absoft11.5/bin/af77.  Use the environment variables FC and F77 respectively to select compatible Fortran compilers.  The check here tests to see if a main program compiled with the Fortran 90 compiler can link with a subroutine compiled with the Fortran 77 compiler.

Attached please find the log files. 

I really appreciate your help!

Best regards


Yan Bai
216 Harkness Hall, RC 270156
Department of Economics
University of Rochester
585.275.4196 (office)
585.256.2309 (fax)
yanbai06 at gmail.com

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