[mpich-discuss] Fault tolerance MPICH2 hydra vs MPICH3.0.4 hydra

Anatoly G anatolyrishon at gmail.com
Sun May 18 05:18:56 CDT 2014

Dear MPICH2,
Can you please help me with understanding Fault Tolerance in MPICH3.0.4
I have a simple MPI program:
Master calls MPI_Irecv + MPI_Wait in loop.
Single slave: calls MPI_Send x 5 times, then calls abort.

When I execute program with MPICH2 hydra I get multiple times Master
process prints about fail in slave. In MPICH3 hydra I get a single message
about fail of slave and then Master process enters to endless wait for next
Irecv completion.
In both cases I compiled program with MPICH3.0.4

In other words, with MPICH2 hydra each Irecv completes (even if slave died
before execution of Irecv) but in MPICH3 hydra not. Causes
MPI_Irecvendless wait.

If I compile same program with MPICH2 and use MPICH2 hydra, I get the same
result as compiling with MPICH3.0.4 and running with MPICH2 hydra.

Execution command:
mpiexec.hydra -genvall -disable-auto-cleanup -f MpiConfigMachines1.txt-launcher=
rsh -n 2 mpi_irecv_ft_simple

Both hydra's configured with:
  $ ./configure --prefix=/space/local/mpich-3.0.4/ --enable-error-checking=
runtime --enable-g=dbg CFLAGS=-fPIC CXXFLAGS=-fPIC FFLAGS=-fpic--enable-threads=
runtime --enable-totalview --enable-static --disable-f77

  $ ./configure --prefix=/space/local/mpich2-1.5b2/ --enable-error-checking=
runtime --enable-g=dbg CFLAGS=-fPIC CXXFLAGS=-fPIC FFLAGS=-fpic--enable-threads=
runtime --enable-totalview --enable-static --disable-f77 --disable-fc

Can you advice please?

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