[mpich-discuss] problem on configuring MPI with slurm

Seo, Sangmin sseo at anl.gov
Mon May 19 20:28:03 CDT 2014

Hi Xueming,

Could you try to specify Slurm’s include path with '--with-slurm-include’?

— Sangmin

On May 19, 2014, at 7:06 PM, 朱学明 <zhuxm at nmefc.gov.cn<mailto:zhuxm at nmefc.gov.cn>> wrote:


    I am trying to install MPICH-3.1 on our linux server with Slurm 1.2.25. I configured it with the command as follow,

./configure --prefix=/zhuxm/mpich-3.1 CC=icc CXX=icpc F77=ifort FC=ifort -enable-fast=all,O3 -enable-shared --with-rdma=gen2 --with-pmi=slurm --with-pm=no --with-slurm=/usr/local/slurm --with-ib-include=/usr/local/ib_hpc/include --with-ib-libpath=/usr/local/ib_hpc/lib64 --with-ch3-rank-bits=32 --without-mpe --without-hwloc --disable-rdma-cm -disable-fuse 2>&1 |tee config-min.log

Then I have got the error messages as follow,

Checking slurm/pmi.h usability ... no

Checking slurm/pmi.h presence... no

Checking for slurm/pmi.h... no

configure: error: could not find slurm/pmi.h. Configure aborted

Can you give mu any suggestion how to figure out the issue? Thanks.

Xueming Zhu 朱学明
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