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"Antonio J. Peña" apenya at mcs.anl.gov
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Hi Ron,

It looks like at least one of your processes is receiving too many 
unexpected messages, leading to get out of memory. Unexpected messages 
are those not matching a posted receive on the receiver side. You may 
check with the application developers to make them review the algorithm 
or look for any possible bug.


On 05/22/2014 08:51 PM, Ron Palmer wrote:
> All,
> I have been trying to run an inversion process (magsen3d) that 
> calculates a large matrix, perhaps in the order of 5-10GB. It takes 
> about 3 days on my cluster however, it fails towards the end, when it 
> is trying to bring in the bits and pieces calculated from the three 
> computers that shares the load (3 rack computers, each 2 CPUs). I  
> have attached a screenshot of the output at failure, including the 
> command that starts the process. All output after "0 5 10 ... 95 100" 
> are error messages of some sort or other.
> This problem may be with the actual application (magsen3d) or hardware 
> on these computers and not with MPICH2, I have no idea but I will ask 
> the programmers as well (and they may also be on this list). I have 
> cut back on number of nodes (threads/cores) I used as there were 
> previously errors in /var/log about out of memory. However, this time 
> there are no messages in any of those logs on any of these three 
> computers.
> If any of you could help me assess whether this is a problem with 
> MPICH2 or something else, then that would be a huge help to me. I am 
> running Centos on two of the computers including turner, and RH on the 
> third. Let me know if there are any additional info you may need.
> Thanks,
> Ron
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