[mpich-discuss] per-object build issue

Greenberg, Hugh N hng at lanl.gov
Thu May 29 13:29:25 CDT 2014

I’m having a problem building mpich 3.1 with the enable-thread-cs=per-object build option.  I get a lot of errors like these:

/src/include/mpiimplthreadpost.h:27: warning: conflicting types for 'MPIU_Thread_CS_enter_lockname_impl_'
./src/include/mpiimplthreadpost.h:27: error: static declaration of 'MPIU_Thread_CS_enter_lockname_impl_' follows non-static declaration
./src/include/mpiimpl.h:1280: note: previous implicit declaration of 'MPIU_Thread_CS_enter_lockname_impl_' was here

Is there a fix for this?  Thanks.

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