[mpich-discuss] Force MPICH2 to not use network adapter

Igor Raskin igor.raskin at weblakes.com
Thu Nov 6 20:28:30 CST 2014


I am running a multi-process calculations using MPICH2 from Argonne National Laboratory. The run is on a single machine, so -localonly option of mpiexec is used. Usually everything works.
If the network adapter is enabled when the run starts, and if I disable it during the run, the run fails with error stating:
op_read error on left context: Error = -1

op_read error on parent context: Error = -1

unable to read the cmd header on the left context, Error = -1
unable to read the cmd header on the parent context, Error = -1
Error posting readv, An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.(10054)
connection to my parent broken, aborting.
state machine failed.
However, if the network adapter is disabled when the run is started, I can enable/disable the adapter as many times as I want, and the run still proceeds to the end.
Is there a way to run mpiexec or modify smpd configuration such that MPICH2 is not using network adapter for inter-process communication for local runs even if the adapter is available when the run starts?

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