[mpich-discuss] Assertion failed in file src/mpid/ch3/src/ch3u_handle_send_req.c at line 61 (RMA && Derived datatypes)

Victor Vysotskiy victor.vysotskiy at teokem.lu.se
Tue Nov 18 06:00:11 CST 2014

Hi Pavan,

>FYI, this is what we heard back from the Mellanox folks:
>I think, issue could be because of older MXM (part of MOFED) being used.  We can ask him to try  latest MXM from HPCX (http://bgate.mellanox.com/products/hpcx)

Indeed, I just checked the latest software stack, including:

- hpcx-v1.2.0-258-icc-OFED-3.12-redhat6.5;
- MPICH v3.2a2 ('--with-device=ch3:nemesis:mxm');

And, there is no problem with 'assertion failed in ch3u_handle_send_req.c' anymore!

Many thanks for your help and support!

With best regards,

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