[mpich-discuss] f77 bindings and profiling

Jan Bierbaum jan.bierbaum at tudos.org
Wed Nov 19 04:20:30 CST 2014


On 18.11.2014 20:02, Isaila, Florin D. wrote:
> I would like to write the MPI_Init and call PMPI_Init, as I want all
> MPI codes to work with that. I expect that my MPI_Init replaces the week
> MPI_Init symbol in the mpi library for C programs (this works) , but
> also replaces the MPI_Init used in the implementation of mpi_init for
> Fortran programs (this does not).
I did the same thing recently and it does work fine with Fortran code if 
you explicitly link against 'libfmpich.a' (in the 'lib' directory of 
your MPICH installation). The order is important though:

mpicc <your c/fortran object files> libfmpich.a <your profiling lib>

You may need to give the full path to 'libfmpich.a'. The 'mpicc' wrapper 
will make sure that all necessary MPICH libraries are passed to the 
linker as well.

Regards, Jan
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