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Balaji, Pavan balaji at anl.gov
Fri Nov 14 05:35:48 CST 2014

> On Nov 14, 2014, at 2:55 AM, Victor Vysotskiy <victor.vysotskiy at teokem.lu.se> wrote:
> finally I got reply from admins about the status of MXM on our cluster:
> >MXM is part of the Mellanox OFED stack, which is not used on Triolith.
> >Please note that NSC recommends using Intel MPI when possible.

You can install MXM on the vanilla OFED, even without Mellanox OFED.  I don’t know why it’s failing to detect the network adapter, though.  I’ve pinged the Mellanox folks to see if they can help.

> Of course, the Intel MPI is installed and available. However, since Intel MPI is based on MPICH, it suffers from the same problems as MPICH does. 

Right.  Intel folks occassionally do release updates.  For the next update, we’ll ask them to make sure to pick up this patch.  But it’s going to be a few months out.


  — Pavan

Pavan Balaji  ✉️

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