[mpich-discuss] Fwd: MPI_T_ERR_ ... error codes for FORTRAN

Junchao Zhang jczhang at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Sep 30 10:56:46 CDT 2014

Hi, Mike,

  From MPI-3.0 A.1.1., I can not see it requires all constants are valid in
C and FORTRAN. Instead, in 14.3, it says "Since the MPI tool information
interface primarily focuses on tools and support libraries, MPI
implementations are only required to provide C bindings for functions
introduced in this section." And in MPICH's f08 bindings, it is the same
(i.e. no support of MPI-T).

--Junchao Zhang

On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 10:39 AM, Michael L. Stokes <Michael.Stokes at uah.edu>

> On 09/30/2014 10:36 AM, discuss-owner at mpich.org wrote:
>> According to the MPI-3.0 spec (A.1.1), C and FORTRAN constants are
>> supposed to be shared (with noted exceptions).
>> These include the MPI_T_ERR_ ... error codes.  But from what I can
>> determine, none of the MPI_T_ERR_ error codes
>> seem to compile under the mpif77 compiler (intel) using MPICH 3.1.2. So I
>> post the following questions:
>> 1) Am i interpreting the specs correctly in that all constants (error
>> codes in this instance) are valid in C and FORTRAN?
>> 2) Is the behavior I'm seeing correct given the current intel compiler
>> and version of MPICH?  The snippet of code I'm
>> using is the following.  Here I'm using a perl script hereto document to
>> write FORTRAN code where $target is any
>> of the MPI error codes, and $ext is 'f' in this case.
>>        INCLUDE "mpif.h"
>>        IF( $target.ge.MPI_SUCCESS .and.
>>      +    $target.le.MPI_ERR_LASTCODE) THEN
>>           WRITE(6,1)
>>     1     FORMAT('$ext "$target"
>>      +is verified ')
>>        ELSE
>>            WRITE(6,2)
>>     2      FORMAT('$ext "$target"
>>      +is not verified ')
>>        ENDIF
>>        CALL EXIT(0)
>> 3) Will this behavior change under the f08 FORTRAN bindings?
>> Thanks
>> Mike
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