[mpich-discuss] How To Limit Memory for each MPI Process

Bowen Yu jxb002 at qq.com
Thu Sep 11 06:55:28 CDT 2014


I'm developing a application that enables MPICH executables running at Hadoop YARN cluster, and most functionality has been finished: https://github.com/alibaba/mpich2-yarn. This MPICH-YARN uses MPICH-3.1.2 to run MPI executable.

YARN allocate resources in container, and in one container there are specific amount of memory and CPU virtual cores. MPICH-YARN assumes one MPI process is one-to-one correspondence with one container, so the MPI process' memory should be limited. But I have no idea how. How to do so that when I run mpiexec, each process is running with a limited resource, such as memory, and CPU utilization; and if one of the process' memory exceeds, the MPI whole program fails?

I know two ways to implement resource limitation in Linux, one is to use system call in programs or ulimit command in shell; the other is to use cgroup kernel module.

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